What are key features of iPhone security?

How Secure is the iPhone and iOS?

As mobile devices proliferate, it’s important to think about things like iPhone security. Increasingly, we’re storing more and more data on our smartphones and in the cloud and users should understand the security implications of doing so.

The latest versions of iOS and the iPhone incorporate a number of security features to protect user’s information. From hardware encryption to touch ID, Apple has put thought into how to keep your data safe. Here’s a look at just a few of those features.

Hardware Encryption

Since the iPhone 3GS, all later iPhones and all versions of the iPad, have supported hardware encryption. This means that all of your data is encrypted on the device by a unique 256-bit crypto engine that’s built right in. If someone else gets access to the device, Apple has enabled remote wiping through Find My iPhone, which quickly removes the encryption key from your device. Without the encryption key, the data on the device is unreadable.

App Data Protection

To secure app data on your iPhone, Apple also implements Data protection, both for the core iOS apps, but also for all third-party apps that are installed. This feature is enabled automatically, so users don’t need to take any additional steps to protect their information. Information stored in apps is encrypted, protecting the data until the device is unlocked after a reboot.

Touch ID

Touch ID takes iPhone security features even further, by safely storing a user’s fingerprints to enable access to the device. By leveraging fingerprints, unique to each individual, Apple has made it easy for users to secure access to their device while make it very easy to unlock.


Anyone using an iPhone without TouchID or any iPad, should enable a passcode on their device to secure their data. This step strengthens the encryption keys and makes it harder for a user to gain access to information on the device. Additionally, it’s possible to enable the device to be wiped after 10 failed passcode attempts, adding another layer of security should your iPhone fall into the wrong hands.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a great, final layer of security. Should your device be taken from you, with Find My iPhone, you can try to locate it or remotely wipe your data. For more details on setting up Find My iPhone, visit this article.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons