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BlackBerry Magnum Rumor: Company Set to Pull the Trigger?

There is a BlackBerry Magnum rumor beginning to float in the smartphone realm. Will the company finally pull the trigger on this new device?

Canadian device maker BlackBerry Limited is not having a very good year, despite showing promise in 2013 with rising stock prices, new phones, and a new OS on the horizon. According to NDTV Gadgets, the company is set to sell off over 3 million square feet of its Canadian real estate for $278 million. This may not mean they’re down and out, however: some experts see the sale as an attempt to fund turnaround efforts, and there is a BlackBerry Magnum rumor on the horizon. Will the company finally pull the trigger on this new device?

Everything Old Is New Again?

According to PhoneDog, Magnum was the code name for a device discussed in the rumor circuit several years ago. Supposedly, it was a fusion of the Bold 9000 and BlackBerry Storm, with Bold’s looks but a SurePress touchscreen and no trackpad. The phone was never released, and common wisdom said it evolved into the Bold 9900; the company never released any official statement about the device.

CrackBerry has uncovered images of a BlackBerry Magnum that looks like a revamped 9900 with bits of Q10 mixed in for good measure. The screenshots show a thick, full-keyboard device with a touchscreen running what appears to be BBOS. It’s not exactly a departure from typical BlackBerry offerings, but it is generating hype for the second time. Clearly, there’s still some interest in the struggling brand.

Changing Focus

For the moment, BlackBerry is holding steady thanks to the Z30 and Z10, which allow it to compete with giants like Apple and Google. As BerryReview points out, the company is focusing in on the usability of BBOS. Version 10.3 includes a two-finger swipe gesture down from the top bevel that grants access to the Quick Settings menu no matter what application is running. Although Android has a similar feature, it’s not implemented consistently across smartphone brands. BlackBerry, meanwhile, seems hyper-focused on making the core user experience one of ease and similarity, ensuring all BlackBerry products respond to user input in the same way.

These quality-of-life enhancements speak to a company playing to its strengths, making sure current users are satisfied and more likely to purchase another BlackBerry when their current model goes out of date. It’s easy, therefore, to dismiss a BlackBerry Magnum rumor as mere hearsay or as pictures of an evolved prototype that will never see the light of day. Perhaps, but the full-screen phones favored by big players weren’t always the ideal: not so long ago, BlackBerry ruled the corporate roost. It’s possible there’s a new device in the offing, one fans have been looking forward to for years.

Are you excited about the BlackBerry Magnum?

a.) I’ll pass.

b.) The sooner, the better!

c.) Not for me, but it could do the company some good.

d.) Maybe, it would depend on what features are offered.




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