Google is reportedly set to reveal Google Fit, a fitness tracking and analytics tool, for Android smartphones, according to Forbes. The app would act as a centralized location for collecting all fitness data from wearable devices, currently segregated into incompatible and often competitive apps, to make the data more transparent to users. The reveal is expected to take place during Google I/O, the company’s annual developer summit; likely during the opening ceremonies.

Android developers will likely be pleased with the service, which will include an open SDK, so development with the system will be both free and easy. This pits Android head-to-head with iOS again, competing with Apple’s recently announced HealthKit. It’s not surprising to hear that Google is interested in the space; it has been for years, both because the search giant is in the business of collecting information and also because it is single-minded in its pursuit to provide Google account users with anything they could ever want. That’s why services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and many others exist even though they produce little to no revenue for Google.

A Leg Up on Apple at Last?

Sharing health data via a Google app that can interact with the company’s other offerings is more valuable to users than an Apple product could be, and may prove to be an incredibly important selling point for Android phones. So many people already tie much of their personal data to their Google accounts, and Apple has fewer data collection apps and thus cannot provide as much useful information at once.

That’s really the power of Google Now, which aggregates data from Gmail, Google Calendar, search results, and more to provide useful and real-time data on demand. Fitness data such as caloric intake, sleep length and quality, and exercise habits will make more sense in the context of your schedule, location, travel arrangements, etc. Imagine if Google Fit alerts you to an email from your gym about new classes. The functionality could be endless, though it will undoubtedly be limited at the start.

Google is expected to reveal Google Fit on June 25, when Google I/O starts. What do you think about the potential Google Fit?

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