Google’s mobile OS promises users a connected lifestyle, but what does the Android-connected consumer look like? An iOS owner is someone with an iPad, iPhone, or iPad Touch. Android users, however, own a much wider variety of devices. The Linux-based OS is an open standard that is more easily accessible to developers who continue to push Android devices into new areas beyond tablets and smartphones. So, from cars to kitchenware and more, here is a look at the many devices made “smart” by the Android operating software.

Android Handhelds

Smartphones and tablets like the LG G3 or Samsung Galaxy S5 are the more well-known style of Android devices. The Nikon NX3000 is one of many cameras that is also powered by the OS. Users can snap photos and videos and share them via Wi-Fi using Gmail or many other social networking options.

Android Computing

Android is slowly making its way to more mainstream laptop computers, which should make it easier to share and edit photos for work or play. Intel has partnered with Google to pair their Braswell mobile processor with Android in a new series of low-cost computing options, including tablets and laptops. The ability to more seamlessly sync your Android smartphones with your laptop is a boon to anyone who has already invested in Android-powered handhelds.

Android Wear

Android Wear promises to keep us connected to, yet free of, those very devices. It is Google’s new OS standard for smartwatches such as the LG G3. The user interface (UI) design is a slight departure from a traditional Android user experience. Yet the aim remains to keep you connected to your other Android devices with an intricate array of customizable notifications, media controls, and monitors for fitness and heart rate.

Android Auto

It’s coming: Google has partnered with tech and automotive companies like Audi and NVIDIA to bring Android to a dashboard near you. The intention is to offer a transparent user experience from the phone to the car dash with a familiar UI and ecosystem found on both. This way, while in the vehicle, users can freely use their voices to activate companion features such as Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play, and more. Drivers can recite text and email messages for hands-free communication while driving.

Android Appliances and More

Android currently enjoys over one billion users and has been installed on more devices than any other mobile OS. This includes even more unusual uses, like the feature-rich NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and Ouya-dedicated gaming devices. Surprisingly, it still feels as if Google is just getting started. We’re beginning to the see the operating software governing garden-variety household appliances like Dacor’s Android-powered oven. Additionally, Samsung has announced their Smart Home Android App, which connects you to all your compatible appliances, Ars Technica reports. Turn your TV or refrigerator on and off, or control your smart bulbs, robot vacuum, security alarm, central heating, and more—directly from your various Android connected devices.

Which Android devices do you use? Do they help keep your lifestyle connected?

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