New ‘Games for Kids’ Section Spotted in the App Store

A newly revamped “Games for Kids” section has just hit Apple’s App Store. “The ‘Games for Kids’ section category seems to be Apple’s one place parents can download apps for their children, with specific uses in mind from learning to entertainment,” iDownloadBlog reports.

How It Works

The new App Store category is segmented into three age brackets: ages 5 and under, ages 6–8, and ages 9–11. More in-depth and complex applications are are listed in the higher age categories. Some of the featured applications include Alice In Wordland, XSquare Kids, Look and Find Elmo on Sesame Street, and several more.

Breaking down the content by age bracket should make it simpler for parents and educators to locate age-appropriate apps for children. Apple is also using the section to help educate parents and guardians on best practices for finding apps. For example, TechnoBuffalo reports that the iBook Family Time with Apps is highlighted at the top of the “Games for Kids” section, and it is geared toward helping parents determine the best apps for their kids and how they can all use apps together.

Awareness of In-App Purchasing

While the Apple App Store has had a section dedicated to child-oriented apps since 2013, the section has been revamped with more attention on preventing in-app purchases. iDownloadBlog reports that “Games for Kids” now clearly lists which apps allow children to make in-app purchases directly under the app’s price. Once parents are aware of which apps support purchasing, they can visit Apple’s support page for further information on how to restrict in-app purchases if needed.

Do you plan on using the new “Game for Kids” section to find apps for your young ones?

Image courtesy of Flickr