Call the Doctor: What to do When Your iPhone Drowns

Water. It’s an iPhone’s worst nightmare… and for the owner too. Once it takes that deep plunge, there’s often no light at the end of the tunnel.

Meet Sarah. She’s a busy working mom of three young boys. And like many parents, Sarah barely has time to keep track of sons’ whereabouts, let alone their toys and gadgets. So when it came time for laundry one fateful afternoon, crisis struck:

“In an irritated sweep through the house, I scooped up my son’s new iPhone along with a mountain of dirty clothes. Into the washing machine went the clothes, and the phone. That was that.”

Many customers have asked the question – is there hope for a drowned smartphone? There are some immediate measures to take – found here with our Immersion Therapy how-to guide, which includes instructions to give your phone its best chance of surviving a water attack. For Sarah, there was no resuscitation for her son’s dretched iPhone.

Sarah frantically turned to her wireless carrier, only to discover that none of the four devices on her family plan were eligible for an upgrade, leaving her at a very costly and unwanted replacement. That’s why she sought alternative measures.

“I also checked eBay, but the prospect of getting a phone that didn’t actually work with my carrier or that wasn’t actually ‘like new’ were big concerns. When I remembered that Gazelle was now offering used Apple products for resale, I was thrilled.”

Once again, a household uprising prevented.

“The best thing about using Gazelle is the quality of the experience and the product itself. You know it’s been tested and you know it’s going to be what you thought you were getting.”

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