Certified Pre-Owned Phones: What Does It All Mean?

Certified pre-owned phones are becoming a more popular consumer option as understanding of what the term “pre-owned” truly means increases.

Picking out a new phone can feel like a huge headache. There’s a ton to think about: Do you want a basic phone or a smartphone? Should you go with an iPhone or an Android? Prefer typing on a physical keyboard or poking at a touchscreen? And right after you buy a new one, there is another newer, improved version roaming the streets.

 Understanding Your Options: Used, Refurbished, and Certified Pre-Owned

You may have considered an alternative to the yearly smartphone purchases. If that is the case, it is likely you have heard about used, refurbished, and certified pre-owned phones. But are they all the same?

Used phones

Used phones are exactly what they sound like: Devices sold as-is by previous owners, often through online marketplaces or personal transactions. While they may offer significant discounts, there’s little to no guarantee of their condition or functionality post-purchase.

Refurbished phones

Refurbished phones have been returned to a seller or manufacturer for various reasons. These devices undergo diagnostic tests, necessary repairs, and cleaning before being repackaged for consumers to buy. While refurbished phones are a step up from used ones, the level of warranty and assurance can vary.

Certified Pre-Owned phones

These are refurbished devices that come with a seal of approval from the seller or manufacturer, indicating they meet specific factory-quality standards. Most importantly, a Certified used phone includes a limited warranty, which guarantees peace of mind and protection for consumers.

 The Gazelle Difference: Certified 30 Point Inspection

When shopping for a Certified Pre-Owned device, the quality of the inspection and certification process is paramount. Gazelle sets the standard with our Certified 30 Point Inspection, a comprehensive evaluation that ensures every device we sell meets the highest standards of quality and functionality applicable. 

Every device at the Gazelle Store is Pre-Owned but gets a fresh start with us. We put each one through a detailed 30-point check-up, covering both how it looks and how it works.  

Our expert technicians have inspected each phone’s loudspeaker performance, screen condition, buttons, ports, scratches, and much more, so you can shop with confidence.

Gazelle 30-point Inspection

Our inspection process is tried and tested, since we started in 2006 till date. Your devices will arrive in top-notch condition after they have been thoroughly inspected.

 Why Choose a Certified Pre-Owned Phone?

 1. Affordable

The most apparent advantage of opting for a Certified Pre-owned devices is the cost savings. You can enjoy the same high-end features and performance of the latest smartphones without the steep price tag. This allows you to shop for more practical purchases to complement your device with accessories like cables, protective cases and screen protectors.

 2. Warranty Protection

Gazelle devices come with a substantial advantage – a broad warranty, which permits you to return the device if there are any defects. Every Gazelle Pre-Owned phone device comes with a warranty; this provides you with coverage for defects in workmanship and materials. 

Shopping from Gazelle comes with full-blanket warranty. This comprehensive coverage ensures customers enjoy a full year of security from accidental damage, including drops, liquid spills, and broken components. Additionally, defects from mechanical breakdowns with internal parts, power issues, battery malfunctions, and more are covered.

 3. Professional Quality

Our Certified Pre-Owned devices do not compromise quality for price. Each device undergoes our rigorous inspection to guarantee it functions as well as a new phone. You’ll rarely notice any difference in performance between your Certified pre-owned devices and their brand-new counterparts.

 4. Eco-friendly

The demand for new devices means more old devices will end up in landfills. Tech companies have always been a subject of criticism due to the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) deposited into the environment .

Shopping for a Gazelle device is an eco-friendly decision. By purchasing certified pre-owned devices, you don’t only get to save but also contribute to the reduction of e-waste. When you purchase a pre-owned phone over a new device, it helps mitigate landfills and the damage that e-waste causes to the environment.

 5. No Strings attached

When you purchase a device from Gazelle, it’s all clear-cut. There are no hidden conditions – you won’t find any unexpected fees, no need to extend your contract, and there’s absolutely no pressure to stick with your current carrier or change to a new one. 

We offer our customer base devices that that give you the freedom to choose from a wide range of major and smaller carriers.

6. Trade-in!

Are you tired of all the scratches and malfunctions of your old phone? You can take advantage of our trade-in programs! We are open to either getting your device replaced with a better model in stock or simply paying cash for your smartphones.

How Our Trade-In Process Works:

  • Receive Your Offer: Provide us with the details of your device (including make, model, and condition), and we’ll give you a quote for how much we can pay you for it.
  • Free Inspection: After you accept our offer, you can send your device to us at no charge. We’ll take a closer look to ensure it matches the description you provided.
  • Quick Payment: Once we’ve verified your device matches your required description, we’ll process your payments quickly.

Whether you’re eyeing a product upgrade or just want some extra cash, you can check out our trade-in program on our website. This streamlined process makes it easy and efficient for you to replace your device, and it is all covered at no extra charge.

What is the Smart Choice?

Investing in a Gazelle Pre-Owned device is about the smartest financial decision you can make. Beyond how much you save, you are guaranteed a quality device that reduces eco-waste and guarantees peace of mind . 

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