Three Considerations When Buying Used Cell Phones for Kids

Is your child ready for his or her first cell phone? Buying cell phones for your child is no longer a difficult or expensive decision. But first, it is important to know what you need, where to buy, and mostly importantly, how to get the best deal.

For parents looking to purchase cell phones for kids, refurbished or used phones are an attractive option – and for many reasons. When is it best for a parent to buy a pre-owned phone for their child? Here are four points to consider:

1. Your Budget Is Low

Refurbished phones will always be cheaper compared to their new counterparts. This makes used phones a great option when you’re looking to spend less on a device for your child.

Carriers offer phones for a reduced cost, or even for free, that may be less than a used phone. Although, the subsidized price of the phone is spread out over the life of the contract, meaning you will likely pay more in the long run for the phone than it would cost to buy an unlocked phone from a reputable reseller.

2. You Want to Avoid Contract Restrictions

Pre-owned devices are not only appealing because of their discounted pricing, but also due to a lack of contract restrictions. If you are unsure of whether you want to stay with your current carrier, or if you’re signing up for service from a new carrier and want to have flexibility to leave on your own terms, an unlocked device may be your best investment.

Without carrier-specific restrictions, you can negotiate with a variety of carriers and choose the best combination of data and calling rates. Children and young adults will usually be heavy data users, so you’ll want an affordable, flexible data package to accompany any cell phones for kids.

3. You Want a Child-Friendly Option

Kids are always misplacing things, so it should be no surprise when they lose their phones. Rather than over-spend on a new smartphone each time this happens, consider a used model. Refurbished phones can be purchased and replaced without breaking the bank.

Have you bought a used phone for your child? Share your experience with us.

Image courtesy of Flickr