3 Reasons Why Used iPads Are a Smart Investment for Kids

If you’re looking to teach your kids responsible device ownership, consider buying them used iPads instead of new ones.

If you have kids under 10, you’ve seen them grow up in an always-connected world. iPads are now the norm for a child’s toy, providing an endless string of on-demand programs, games and interactive experiences. Kids have no problem mastering these technologies, and often surpassing their parents’ knowledge, leading to both an inherent familiarity with smart devices and the desire to use them as much as possible.

But iPads come at a hefty price or a child that may break or lose it. Should you get them their own tablet or opt for a used iPad instead? Here are three reasons why used devices are a solid investment:

1. Behind the Curve

Choosing used iPads might mean you’re behind the curve when it comes to the newest models on the market. However, this is great news since any model more than a year old comes with a significant drop in price. Your five-year-old likely doesn’t need the features of the latest iPad Air 2, but could get a massive amount of use from a certified pre-owned product at a fraction of the cost.

2. You Buy It, They Break It

Young kids have a penchant for destruction. It’s not malicious, they just simply don’t know how much abuse an iPad can take before it breaks, or what might happen when it hits a tub full of water. That’s why going used is a viable option: You’ll pay far less for a refurbished iPad than one off the shelf. Plus, ownership can teach younger kids to care for delicate devices. Older kids tend to better understand the benefits of responsibility for their devices.

3. Responsible Use

Your child will grow up surrounded by technology, even if it isn’t in your home. As a result, it’s critical to introduce the concept of responsible use as early as possible. This means being considerate of other people online, being careful about what gets posted on social media sites and determining what to do when encountering cyberbullying. The bottom line? Used iPads allow you to affordably help you introduce these ideas over time rather than letting friends and other family members fill in the gaps.

Looking for a smart investment? Consider getting your child a used iPad.

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