Keep the Kids Away: 3 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone

Your children can be a risk when it comes to keeping your gadgets safe. Learn three ways to protect your smartphone.

My son recently started walking. Even before he was mobile, everything in our house was his toy. Now, everything in our house is still his toy, but he reaches it all much faster.

Not surprisingly, among his favorite playthings is my smartphone, which I constantly leave out on our couch or coffee table. I cringe whenever he grabs it and quickly run through my options, which all seem likely to trigger a meltdown.

After a few mishaps, I’ve taken precautions to protect my smartphone from my son. If you’re in a similar situation and simply can’t put your stuff away (what new parent has the energy for that?), consider doing the following:

1. Invest in a Strong Case

Whether you have an iPhone or a Galaxy, you’ll want to opt for the most rugged case you can find. Think function, not fashion. Plastic, padding and extra protection are your friends. Cases targeted to outdoorsmen are always a safe bet. After all, your child may be just as dangerous to your smartphone as anything you’ll encounter in the wild.

2. Get a Glass Screen Protector

Cracked screens can hurt your wallet and your hands. If you have kids playing with your handheld, you’ll definitely want to protect your smartphone with a durable screen protector. While plastic options may prevent scratches, investing in a tempered glass protector instead is the strongest and best choice for your smartphone.

3. Give Them What They Want

Since my son is a little over a year old, the only phone he needs is one with Elmo on it. If your child is older, consider buying him or her a used smartphone. You don’t need to connect it to your data plan, and can let your son or daughter play games and download apps over Wi-Fi (just be sure to lock them out of in-app purchases).

Buying a used smartphone is the way to go if you choose this route. Remember, kids are destructive, so don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a new device. A used or refurbished cellphone gives them all the benefits of having their own device, while also keeping them away from yours.

How do you protect your smartphone from your kids?



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