Stories of Unprotected Text: Sweepstakes Winners

Unprotected Text: the risky repercussion of breaking your smartphone screen.

Since launching Gazelle’s sweepstakes to end unprotected text, we’ve received nearly 1,000 first-hand accounts, bringing to life the costly hazard that looms over all smartphone users.

Eight lucky winners won an iPhone or iPad, courtesy of Gazelle’s store. These are their stories.

  1. Kristine R. (Columbus, OH)

    I went out to the bar and when I was dropped off home, I also dropped my phone out of my purse. The next morning I awoke to finding it in the middle of the street, run over by at least 25 cars.

  2. Eddie G. (Vincennes, IN)

    I had the screen facing “out” inside my pocket – at Walmart and a cart rammed into me. ‘Oh no,’ I thought. ‘Oh yes, it happened.’ I was able to receive calls and texts. Luckily, I was able to get a replacement fast. NOW I will buy a screen protector.

  3. Mary P. (Cleveland, TX)

    My husband knocked my phone off the nightstand and stepped on it.

  4. Paul B. (Frazier Park, CA)

    I broke my wife’s iPad by accident. I didn’t know she had it under a stack of papers and I put my toolbox on the papers and shattered the screen.

  5. Xavier M. (Atkinson, NH)

    I dropped my phone on the pavement getting out of the car, shattering the glass. It was too expensive to replace the phone.

  6. Anjalene W. (Rockville, MD)

    I forgot that I had put it in my backpack. I added some books and the screen snapped like a twig.

  7. Vanessa R. (Tucson, AZ)

    My phone fell out of the car and I had to keep using it because it is too hard to go without a phone! New phones are too expensive, so you have to wait until your two years is up.

  8. Kailyn N. (Walker, LA)

    I was shoe shopping for homecoming with a perfectly good phone (iPhone 5c). I dropped it one time and shattered the entire thing, so I had to keep it like that, even though when I talked on the phone, it cut my face and left glass in my fingers. I couldn’t afford to get it fixed, and that’s why I need a new phone so I can stop getting hurt.