Gazelle’s Guide to Artfully Giving Used Gifts

Giving a used gift is like eating food that just fell on the floor – if you’re crafty about it, no one will notice. And it tastes the same, right?

There is a five-second rule for gifts, and we rely on these Reindeer Rules for used holiday gift giving.

1.  Give the Most Famous Gift of All

That barely-worn Banana Republic sweater just isn’t going to cut it. Go for the big brands. Opt for a consignment shop where you can pick up a Kate Spade purse for Mom and some Ferragamo loafers for Dad. In electronics, Apple products from Gazelle are the cream of the crop for used gifts. And they’re sure to please both parties – 74% of people feel happy about receiving used devices as gifts, knowing it saved the gift giver up to 40%.

Nothing says expensive like something that was once expensive.

2.  Join in the Reindeer Games

With video games more accessible than ever to casual players, a high-end device like an iPad Pro might be a surprisingly good choice for the budding gamer on your list. Infinity Blade, Game of Thrones and other top-sellers require some decent graphics to deliver the full experience, and an iPad Mini might not be powerful enough to run these top apps.

3.  Laugh and Call Names

Personalization distinguishes your used gift and makes it seem custom-made just for them. A little etching never hurt anyone, and unlike an eggnog-inspired tattoo, it can be a subtle way to deter theft and embarrassment. Naming a device or picking out a customized cover can instantly give sentimental value to a sleek gadget.

4.  Pick the Brightest Nose

Santa picked the only reindeer who didn’t need to hold a battery-operated flashlight in his teeth. So to gently fool your loved ones, check used electronics for any scratches, dents or dimming screens. The artfully given gift is one that looks brand new.

5.  Make Sure it Glows

There’s nothing worse than receiving a perfectly wrapped present and having to immediately search for the power cord. Ensure that everything is full charged and raring to go, straight from the box. Gifted used means taking care of those little details that stores might forget, but fortunately your other four-legged friend, Gazelle, takes care of the accessories for you.

So think used this holiday season, and save Santa’s elves some time and yourself some money.


Image courtesy of Flickr.