Have Yourself an iPhone 6s for Christmas

Sure, you’ll be home for the holidays, but what about when you’re not around? Give those you love something to remember you by every day – and iPhone 6s. Apple’s beloved product remains the market leader in smartphones, with plenty of love and joy encapsulated in its sleek, durable design.

Here’s why you should consider gifting the iPhone 6s this holiday.

1.  More FaceTime

For people like me who live far away from their parents, the iPhone’s FaceTime features makes staying in touch with family a snap. Caring about Mom’s new cat when you can see him walking all over your Christmas presents just got a whole lot easier.

2.  Durability

Unlike the infamous iPhone 6 Bend-ghazi scandal – when those expensive new purchases were bending over backwards in your skinny jeans pocket – the 6s corrects this structural problem with reinforced aluminum.

3.  3D Touch

The 6s is the first Apple product with 3D Touch, which means it can detect how hard the user presses on the screen. Similar to right-clicking, 3D Touch allows for more options without automatically opening every app your finger touches. It’s a neat feature that not’s well-publicized – a “wow” factor upgrade for the tech savvy.

4.  2GB of Ram

The iPhone 6 shipped with half the ram now offered by the 6s. The doubled memory core means that several apps will stay open and simultaneously running instead of closing and reloading. There’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a complicated recipe when the Epicurious app unexpectedly resets.

5.  Easy as Apple Pie

For loved ones who still print out emails just to make them easier to read, there’s nothing more accessible than an iPhone 6s. With automatic syncing among other Apple devices, I can effortlessly move from my Macbook Air to my iPhone to my iPad. Sticking to the same brand means ease-of-use for those with many gadgets in their lives.

The iPhone 6s is sure to please any gadget lover. But if you’re crunched for cash this holiday, go to Gazelle to shop smart and save while still securing a newer model.