3 Ways to Save on Electronics for Kids

Whether it’s for your godson, toddler or teenage daughter, gadgets remain ever popular. Learn how to spoil the child while sparing your wallet.

Whether you’re paying for childcare or paying for college, the latest electronics for kids rarely comes cheap and can often seem out of reach. Stick to these three simple principles to keep down your kid’s tech costs.

1.  Timing is Everything

There are plenty of deals to be had for those who keep a close eye for online deals. New Egg’s Daily Deals is a site worth bookmarking in your browser. A quick check every day could save you hundreds of dollars.

If you’re looking for a laptop, big retail websites like Best Buy’s Deal of the Day provide ample opportunity to save your wallet from pain all year round. Those who only use Microsoft Word and an Internet connection can forgo all the latest hardware specs. Shop for an affordable laptop that’s perfect for crafting those late-night term papers.

Good things come to those who wait for the best possible deal.

2.  Not-Worth-It Warranties

Many parents, worried that a new phone will wind up in a puddle or worse, take out generous warranty policies on their electronic purchases. Make sure to read the fine print, as you might be paying extra for something you don’t really need – or paying too much for something that doesn’t even cover water damage. There’s nothing worse than spending money every month, only to discover that spilled milk voided the insurance policy. An incomplete warranty can be money wasted and certainly something to cry about.

3.  Give Used or Refurbished

I received a used iPad Mini last year – and until recently I had no idea it wasn’t straight from the box. So kids definitely won’t know the difference if you bought it refurbished. They only care that it works.

After dropping my iPad on hardwood flooring, I found out the hard way that Apple no longer even offers to repair iPad Minis for its lower-end models. The best you’ll manage is a $50 in-store credit toward a brand new device. I was better off taking my tablet to an off-market mall kiosk. Buying a used iPad from Gazelle could go a lot further than replacing it at the Apple Store.

Just because something’s new doesn’t mean that it’s built to last. Give the gift of used electronics and invest the leftover budget saved in a heartfelt accessory – like a hard case to protect your hard-won deal.


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