Though the Galaxy S7 is making waves, the S6 is a smart buy for those looking for an affordable high-end smartphone. Here are some features that set it apart from its toughest competitors.

1.  LoopPay

I know what you’re thinking – I’m tired of these apps that let me pay with my phone but are only recognized by select retailers with special equipment. Well fear no more. LoopPay absorbs all of your information, encrypts it, and allows you to pay without any additional hardware. Hold it up to a regular credit card machine, and watch it work its magic.

2.  Edge Clock

No more picking up and swiping your phone to check the time. A clock always at the very edge of the screen is a little added convenience that will save you the trouble of fumbling with your alarm in bed.

3.  Auto Answer with Bluetooth

If you have a Bluetooth device connected, the Galaxy automatically connects your call by default. No more struggling to get your phone out of your pocket when you’re driving or riding your bike to work.

4.  A Better TV Remote

Tired of that giant oblong monstrosity with a thousand buttons? Turn your Galaxy into a TV remote by downloading the WatchOn app. You can control everything even from other rooms, ensuring your household channel surfing control.

5.  Stay Right There!

If you’re doing a lot of reading and want a quick-activated screen time-out, use Smart Stay. Under Settings > My Device > Smart Screen, select “Smart Stay.” As if by magic, your device will track when you’re actually reading from the screen.

6.  Speedy Downloads

Activate the “Download Booster” to stream large files using both WiFi and a cellular network at the same time. It’s ideal when in a hurry to download important videos or other hefty blocks of data.

Who knew you could open the Internet floodgates so easily?

7.  Kids Mode

Speaking of floodgates, the Internet continues to be a dangerous and potentially expensive place for children. Find the “Galaxy Essentials” at the top of your home screen. Download the Kids Mode app to block off parts of your phone that you don’t want your kids to see – or purchase – without your permission. Kid-friendly apps will automatically populate the home screen for as long as Kids Mode is activated.


These seven highlights are just the beginning of a constellation of awesome features for Galaxy owners.