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Deciding you want the new iPhone 7 – kind of a no-brainer, right? Deciding how much storage you need for all of your apps and media – much trickier. Make the wrong decision and next time you take a group selfie, you’ll be greeted by that message of doom –“storage full”– as you frantically try to free up space.

So, how much storage is right for you – 32 GB, 128GB, or the Big Kahuna, 256 GB? There are many factors to consider, including:

The iPhone 7 features 12-megapixel cameras that can shoot 4K video. Plan to take those videos in 4k? It’s really easy then to eat up your local storage in no time at all.

 Do you stream or download movies on to your phone? This is a big difference maker in terms of conserving space.

Do you use the cloud on a regular basis to store pics and video?

How routinely do you delete photos, videos, apps, and messages?





photo courtesy of Forbes.com



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