Why Gazelle is Law Enforcement’s Trusted Ally

Gazelle provides a safe, secure and innovative way to recycle old devices. Check out this new infographic, which highlights how we partner with local law enforcement to combat against stolen phones.


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475 Million estimated idle devices by 2019 (Compass Intelligence, 2015)

Gazelle ecoATM wants those devices.


2.1 Million Estimated # of devices stolen annually (Consumer Reports)

We avoid those devices.


177 Million  Estimated # of devices that will be recycled by 2019 (Compass Intelligence, 2015)


Enter Gazelle ecoATM

We provide a safe, secure, and innovative way to recycle used devices.

  • There are more than 2,000 Gazelle ecoATM recycling kiosks in the U.S.
  • Kiosks are in 42 of states.


We help cops catch bad guys.

  • Law enforcement has solved numerous crime sprees with the help of Gazelle ecoATM.
  • Listening to our law enforcement partners, ecoATM has deployed multiple layers of technology and processes to screen for and block stolen devices.


Layers of Defense


Layer 1

Greeting sellers at our kiosks are 3 high-resolution cameras. Sellers must deactivate the device’s kill switch. All customers are told we work closely with law enforcement.


Layer 2

All transactions monitored in real time by ID verification agents. Analytics & algorithms block suspicious transactions. Engage in fraudulent or criminal activity at our kiosks, and you’re banned for life.


Layer 3

Assuretec reader indicates if an ID is counterfeit or altered. Checkmend can tell us if a device is lost or stolen. We create or comply with “do not buy” lists.


Layer 4

A transaction report —including a head shot of the customer, a thumbprint scan, a copy of a photo ID, and a pic of the device and its serial number—is created for every user. If police want to view the report or a suspicious device, we comply, no questions asked.


Moving in the Right Direction

  • Less than 1% of devices that are recycled at our kiosks are stolen.
  • There has been a 33% decline in cell phone theft from 2013 to 2014 (Consumer Reports)


Efforts by elected officials, law enforcement, and Gazelle ecoATM are working!



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