It’s Back: The Return of the Iconic Nokia 3310

Are you tired of your smartphone? Do you miss the simpler times when your phone was more of a metal brick than a slim piece of glass? What about those silent longings for T-9, let alone actual buttons?

Well, the answer to your annoyance with modern technology has arrived with the re-installation of the Nokia 3310, lovingly called the Nokia Dumbphone.

It’s the ultimate blast from mobile past in terms of Nokia cell phones as a solution to the growing need for straightforward devices. While it seems like an odd idea to some that a company would take dozens of steps backwards with phone technology, the genius lays within the simple interface paired with the increasing frustration felt by thousands of smartphone users daily.

Nokia 3310 Specs

Nokia’s made the decision to make a few slight adjustments to breath new air into its iconic cell phone- and to not totally disregard the last 17 years of mobile advancement:

  • It weighs a little lighter, so that feeling of a heavy plastic slab in your pocket may not seem as familiar.
  • The 2017 version of the 3310 features a 2MP camera. Welcome back, awkward rear-facing camera selfies.
  • A color screen replaces the pixelated gray scale of the 2000 model.
  • It’s estimated to be around $52 when it’s released, making it the perfect phone for kids, seniors, and nostalgic millennials alike.

And yes, it does have Snake. It’s not the blocky old friend of the early 2000’s we’ve all come to love, but it would jog the memory of any previous 3310 owner.

The new Nokia 3310 sports fresh features while still holding up to 22 hours of battery life for talk time and nearly a month for standby time. Think about it: no more Low Battery Mode or extra apps sucking the juice out of your smartphone. This a big win for those who mainly use their phones to text and call, along with the back-to-basics interface for minimal complication.

Manufactured in red, yellow, black and classic gray, the Nokia 3310 might just be the old friend you’ve been waiting for to make a reappearance.