Which iPad is Best for You?

The latest iPad release is causing a few different reactions across the tech hemisphere. Some say it’s a solid deal for those looking to spend less on a new iPad. Others speculate it’s not worth the hype. True, the latest model’s cost is one of the lowest original iPad price tags yet (excluding mini), but it doesn’t mean that it’s the best bang for your buck.

No need to stress. We’ve done the dirty work for you by taking a look at the past few current generations of iPads. Get ready for some trustworthy recommendations and a nifty little chart to make things even easier.


iPad 2


We’ll start with the oldest model worth trekking back to, the iPad 2. This model marks the first upgrade in the iPad family with a then-faster dual core A5 processor. The 720P camera works more cohesively for FaceTime. This is why it’s a solid iPad choice for an older relative or younger child who doesn’t need the modern thrills.



iPad 3


The third-gen iPad brings more than a few upgrades to the table. Retina display was introduced with this model, along with voice dictation and high-definition video shooting. This is also the first iPad to work with LTE networks across the US. It’s the initial generation that can be added to a phone plan. A gently used iPad 3 is recommended for those looking to add a basic iPad to their phone plan without breaking the bank.



iPad 4


Fairly close to its predecessor, the iPad 4 is the first iPad to offer a 128 GB size. This model allows for the operating systems iOS 6-10. It’s known for working much faster than the iPad 3 as well. This fourth gen model is recommended for those looking for a larger storage size at a smaller price compared to recent 128 GB models.



iPad Air


The first-gen iPad Air is also the fifth-gen iPad to make its debut in the tablet world. This model is the first to carry iOS 7 and is thought of as a more simplified version of previous iPads with less weight. The same simplification applies to the overall aesthetic of the interface with more modern font and icons. Complete with an Apple A7 processor and stereo sound, the iPad Air is a solid tablet choice for any age or lifestyle. Being the first slim model, it’s recommended for those who want the sleek feel of an Apple Air device but feel indifferent towards the newer features.



iPad Air 2


Even faster and thinner than is predecessor, the iPad Air has only been recently discontinued. This was due largely to the release of 9.7 inch iPad Pro. It’s slightly slower than the new iPad and perfect for those looking for a more modern design without the price tag of the recent iPad Air models. Several reviews state that finding an iPad Air 2 on the higher-end of storage (32- 128 GB) might be a smarter buy compared to investing in the new iPad Pro. With the Pro, the main, noticeable difference is speed. The iPad Air 2 is a solid choice across the board for those who are indecisive between models yet are leaning towards a younger version.


iPad Mini Series (1-4)

Flip-flopping the standard 9.7 inch screen to a 7.9 inch screen, Apple released the mini family in 2012.  The main upgrade is the processor chip (Apple A5- Apple A8) and RAM increase. The iPad Air holds a close similarity to the iPad mini 2 in terms of internal architecture, and all models hold the same lithium-ion polymer battery. Generally, an iPad mini is a great selection for those constantly on the go with little cargo room who still want to enjoy the major features of a standard-sized iPad.



iPad Pro (9.7” and 12.9”)


The newest of the iPad line, the Pro is the most advanced specs with LPDR4 RAM and a whopping 256 GB option. It also features an LCD light-adapting characteristic called True Tone display to ditch those temporarily-blinding night uses. The Pro also has its own group of accessories specific to the model, including the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. Those of you reading for the latest and greatest, the iPad Pro definitely takes the cake for most modern. As far as pricing goes, a gently-used version is your best bet on both models of the Pro.



The world of tablets can be daunting to anyone, but we’re here to help. Feel free to check out our inventory of iPads and ask any additional questions below. Happy shopping!





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