5 Easy Everyday Ways to be Eco-Friendly

Although it’s officially Earth Month, we should be striving towards a greener planet on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean installing solar panels immediately or swearing off all non-organic products. It can be done in the little decisions we make every day as a way to develop more environmentally-sound habits. Check out these five quick ways that you can contribute to a healthier home planet.




We’ve all heard this as stubborn 5-year-olds fighting over who knows what, but it holds an immense amount of value for everyone at any age. Share! Instead of sitting in traffic as a solo rider, breeze by in the carpool lane. If you’re looking for a new outfit for the weekend, check out your friends’ closets first. Cooked a little extra dinner? Save it for lunch or share with friends. It helps to think of the areas you’re spending the most in, financially or environmentally, and creating healthier solutions.



Consider the non-food related items piling up in your trash bin. Plastic utensils, baggies, containers and so much more- consider upgrading all of them to environmentally friendly alternatives. Switching from paper towels to cloth rags saves you money while limiting your carbon footprint. Same idea goes for plastic water bottles, possibly one of the biggest villains to our planet’s livelihood. They’ve even been banned at major events across the globe, so do yourself- and the earth- a solid by investing in a good reusable water bottle. Another on-trend movement is re-purposing, or finding new uses for trash. Think light bulb terrariums, Mason jar glasses, etc.




The electronics you leave plugged in at home continue to use power even when turned off. This is especially true with desktops with multiple devices plugged in and ready to be used (i.e. router, modem, and printer). If you don’t have one already, it’s highly recommended to get a surge protector bar to not only make for an easy turn-off but to also protect your home from power surges.



Location, location, location. There’s quite the number of benefits that come with supporting your local economy. From saving gas to enjoying native produce, it’s surprising what a difference shopping locally can make. Farmers markets are an excellent starting point with fresh food from vendors that most likely use a lot less resources than those from the supermarket.



Last but not least, recycle your devices. ecoATM Gazelle kiosks are available nationwide so that you can keep you and your family safe from the chemicals lurking in old devices. Not only is it a safe way to dispose old gadgets, it’s also environmentally sound. We’ve recycled and reused over 500,000 pounds of devices. That’s enough for three space shuttles-worth of metals, plastics and toxic materials. We also offer a trade-in program to compensate for your eco-friendly practices.

It’s the little steps we take that can help cut down on pollution and other negative environmental impacts that our world faces on a daily basis. Feel free to comment any of your small (or large) eco-conscious moves you make to help our planet breathe a little easier.




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