Why You Should Lock In An Offer With Gazelle

It’s almost that time of year again, folks. Apple is preparing to release three new brand spanking new iPhone models. It’s also the time of year that your current phone takes a harder hit when it comes to device depreciation.

Translation: after the release of these new iPhone models, the value of your current phone will be lower.

Whether you’ve kept your phone in pristine condition or not, each wave of new phones has an impact on your device’s value. That’s why we’re offering our Gazelle Offer Lock program once again.

What’s the Gazelle Offer Lock?

Our offer lock program is chance for you to “lock in” the value of your current phone. This means that if your device remains in the same condition as it was at the time you make an offer lock, you’ll have until October 19, 2018 to trade it in and redeem that offer. It only takes a few moments online and provides you a locked in offer that won’t be affected from the newly released phones.

Why should I take advantage of the offer lock program?

Two words: more money. Even if you aren’t sure if you’ll be trading in this season, it’s best to create an offer online to maintain your phone’s value through Gazelle. It’s estimated that iPhone value could decrease between 10-20% after the release of the new models. By locking in your value, you can enjoy flexibility and less pressure to immediately trade in after the new releases. You’ll have more money in put back into your wallet if you do trade in, meaning more money for your next device!


You’ll have from September 4th, 2018 until September 19th, 2018 to take advantage of our offer lock program. After this time, you’ll have up until October 19th, 2018 to trade in your phone and claim the offer. It only takes a few minutes to create your offer online. Lock in your phone’s value today!



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