2018 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Unless you’re an expert procratinator and wait until the absolute last minute to get your holiday shopping done. It’s tough scoring the perfect gift for everyone. That’s why this is your year to put down that discounted turtleneck sweater for your Aunt Karen and hook her up with a gift that she can brag to her friends about.

Tech offers a little something for everyone, from your elderly family members to your picky sibling. We’ve gathered our top deals and made this neat little list of the best 2018 tech gifts.

Top 2018 Holiday Tech Gifts
  1. iPad Pro. Tablets are possibly the easiest gift, as they’re insanely versatile and offer something for all audiences. Create beautiful art masterpieces, catch up on the latest New York Bestseller, stream movies in high definition and much more. Additionally, there’s access to over one million applications in the iOS App Store. The iPad Pro is a solid gift choice for older family members who want easy-to-use video calling, optimal display and a simple user interface. Offered in a variety of carriers, storage sizes and conditions, the iPad Pro is available at Gazelle starting at just $339.


  1. iPhone X. Claimed to have “set a new gold standard for the next decade of iPhones” (Digital Trends), the iPhone X very much one of the biggest game-changers in smartphone history. The resilient screen is enough to satisfy any tech snob on your list, featurung a Super Retina OLED screen that runs edge to edge. For those concerned about security with their personal devices, the iPhone X is your best bet to ultimate privacy and protection. It features the revolutionary FaceID unlock, a feature in which phone access is granted by simply looking at the front camera. The iPhone X is the perfect gift for anyone looking to upgrade to the latest, and Gazelle has it for much less than retail. Check out our inventory, starting at $699.


  1. iPhone 8 Plus. This phone is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t necessarily need the latest and greatest, but still has a majority of Apple’s current special features. Fans of the brand will appreciate the latest iOS, advanced camera and massive 5.5” screen. The large display is perfect for those who prefer a more visible and readable screen, and it also features the Touch ID application for enhanced security. The glass backing provides a sleek exterior as well. If the iPhone X isn’t a possibility this holiday season, the iPhone 8 Plus is a very comparable option and certain to still wow your giftee. Our stock is ready for browsing, starting at $519.


  1. Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+. These are the latest releases from Samsung, and optimal for those who might not be huge fans of Apple. Building off of the previous year’s model, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are perfect gifts for Android and headphone jack lovers alike. The beautfiul, fluid Super AMOLED display is offered in a 5.8” size for the Galaxy S9 and a 6.2” size for the Galaxy S9+. Pictures are a huge plus with these models with a newly redesigned self-adjusting aperature and additionaly video shooting capabilities. The user can blu the background, shoot in Super Slow-mo, and edit instant GIFs. Samsung nailed the basic essentails with these models while adding some newer features, making for two solid smartphones ready for action. The Galaxy S9 is available on our site starting at $509, and the Galaxy S9+ is offered from $569.


  1. Pixel 2 XL. There’s no doubt about it – this smartphone was engineered with same smarts as it’s maker. The Google Pixel 2 XL is truly one of a kind and ready to take on any task. The user can access their own personal Google helper with a quick squeeze of the phone’s sides. Have a family member that’s always complaining about not enough storage for their pics? This phone has unlimited smart storage to hold as many photos as possible, with access on any linked device. This low-maintenance, high functioning phone is perfect for those in need of a personal assistant with minimal user effort. Not to mention, the 6” pOLED screen is pretty phenomenal. The Google Pixel 2 XL is available at Gazelle starting at $499.

And there you have it! Getting your holiday shopping done has never been so simple. Make sure to check out the rest of our tech lineup and enjoy the holidays!





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