2019 is YOUR YEAR! Top Apps for The Best 365 Days Yet

Well, we’re still trying to figure out where the heck 2018 went, but the new year is upon us. You’ve seen it everywhere, “New Year, New You!” but for some of us, new year’s resolutions can be a little daunting and stressful. Eating better, sleeping more, learning a new language, or maybe just being a functioning human, this fresh start can come off as a looming cloud of anxiety and doubt for the new year.

Rather than start your year off nervous and freaking out, why not download some of these apps and take a big ol’ breath in *heeeeh* and out *wheeeew*?


Top Apps to Dominate in 2019
Learn a new language with Duolingo.

How many January’s have you spent saying, “this is the year I learn a new language”? Even if the answer is none, this app is a simple and addicting way to learn a new language. Duolingo offers several levels of interactive lessons in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and 16 other languages. The best part? This app is FREE. There is a paid version to skip ads, but the free version holds all the same educational content. What are you waiting for? Vamonos!


Get your finances in order with Trim.

It’s hard for some to keep an eye on all their balances, bills and subscriptions. Trim is like a free personal accountant to help you manage your hard-earned funds – and maybe help to reduce your spend. This free app sends you alerts via text or Facebook Messenger on account balances, upcoming credit card bills due, purchases and even searches for subscriptions you may not be using and asks if you’d like to cancel. Trim is safe, easy to use and can help you cut down on unnecessary expenditures. Start Trimmin’ here.

Maintain healthy eating with MyFitnessPal.

Is dieting not really a part of your lifestyle? This free app will make it easier than ever to get motivated for healthy change. MyFitnessPal is the food tracking app that allows you to log everything you eat, including each food’s nutritional value. The scanning feature can even grab the bar code (if available) of what you’re eating to log calories and other nutritional value. This app also connects easily with other fitness apps and wearables such as FitBit. Stay accountable and healthy with MyFitnessPal.

Channel your chi with Calm app.

Whether you’re looking to lower your anxiety or gain a few more z’s at night, Calm is the meditation app that will help immensely. This app has a plethora of nifty tools to help manage the stress in your life, from peaceful music and sounds to help fall asleep to guided videos on mindful movement and gentle stretching. Calm offers a free trial 7-day trial so you can experience tranquil assistance before you buy into the annual or life plan. Chill out with Calm here.

Train your brain with Peak app.

We call them smartphones, so why not strengthen our smarts with them? Peak is the brain-training app that has ranked at the top of the app charts since 2014, helping millions of people to sharpen their minds. The free games include challenges that help with memory, attention, problem solving, language, coordination, creativity and more. Grow your brain with Peak today.




While there are plenty of apps out there to get you ahead in the new year, nothing compares to upgrading your phone for much less or getting more money for the one you don’t use. Upgrade to the latest for less or cash in your old devices with Gazelle now!




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