iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro

Every year we see the new iPhone models bring something new and innovative to the vast world of smartphones.

In the case of the iPhone 14 series, we saw the new 48-megapixel camera easily beat even higher-resolution smartphones because the software of the iPhone combined with the high-quality sensor was a far superior combination to the competition.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro

There are significant differences between the base iPhone 14 and the 14 Pro. Not everyone wants to spend a hefty 1000 dollars for the pro-iPhone when the base model can satisfy the necessities of most people.

However, some people who are in the field of content creation do benefit from the extra features of the iPhone 14 Pro. Let’s discuss the major differences found between the former and the latter.

Refresh Rate

The iPhone 14 has a basic 60-hertz refresh rate and the iPhone 14 Pro has a smoother 120-hertz refresh rate.

If you are shifting to iPhone from Android, you’ll feel a difference even with the base model iPhone 14 as its software is better optimized than the majority of Android smartphones. The 120 Hertz pro motion display on the iPhone 14 Pro is the smoothest in its class. This is because Apple has refined this feature specifically for iOS and the results are outstanding.

On the iPhone 14 Pro, you can switch between 60-hertz and 120-hertz pro-motion displays.


The CPU used in iPhone 14 is the A15 bionic chip whereas the iPhone 14 Pro comes with the A16 bionic chip. Even though they are both hexacore CPUs, the clock speed of the A16 is slightly better. Nevertheless, they are both tremendously fast chips and will not give you any trouble in opening average day-to-day social media apps.

One thing to keep in mind is that the GPU on the A16 bionic chip manages the heat dissipation of heat better. This makes the iPhone 14 Pro a significantly better choice for gamers.


For content creators, pro photographers, and videographers, the iPhone 14 Pro is the real deal. There are three cameras and a 48-mega pixel main sensor compared to the 12-megapixel one on the iPhone 14.  The new autofocus capability really makes the pro version a better choice. The low-light photos are also better on the latter.

There are also software enhancements exclusive to the 14 Pro: including Apple Pro Res. This is a feature which allows you to record videos in RAW format. This means lesser compression and better control over color grading. The Pro Res feature doesn’t work in the cinematic mode.

The more advanced model also comes with an improved wide-angle lens with a slightly lower aperture offering more light to make the image sharper. The improved focus allows for a better macro photography mode as well.

Due to a better main camera sensor, there is a 3X optical zoom option which you can use to take better portraits.

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Display Design

The iPhone 14 comes with the same traditional notch that debuted with the release of the iPhone X whereas the pro models come with a new capsule-shaped cut-out at the front. The new iPhone designs are more modern and attractive. The ceramic shield is present on all models of the latest iPhones.

The job of the dynamic island is to display the various functions happening on your iPhone:

  • The connection of AirPods
  • The status of low-battery
  • Apple Pay transactions
  • Face unlock
  • The usage of a microphone and camera by different apps
  • Enabling and disabling the silent mode
  • Airdrop notifications
  • Flashlight interaction
  • Finding my device notifications are all displayed on the dynamic island

Dynamic Island can also be split into two parts in the case of two background apps and you can tap on anyone to select.

The peak HDR brightness is also significantly higher than the basic iPhone 14. Overall, the new design can be deemed as successful as it offers more functionality and a lot of users prefer it over the old notch.

Video Playback & Battery Life

Ever since the debut of the iPhone 13 series, the overall battery game of iPhones has significantly improved from the previous models.

The 14 Pro has a 26-hour video playback time and a 100-hour audio playback time.

If battery is a serious concern for you, we recommend buying the advanced iPhone 14 Pro as it provides a significant difference in the battery life department.

Storage Options

Although, the 512GB iPhone 14 has more than enough storage for a normal user. If you are a highly productive person who uses your iPhone mainly to record an enormous number of photos and videos.

We recommend buying the iPhone 14 Pro’s 1TB version. The baseline iPhone 14 comes with a 128GB storage option, whereas the baseline 14 Pro comes with a 256GB storage option.


The iPhone 14 retains almost all its physical features from the 13. There is the same diagonal camera setup that debuted with the iPhone 13 and all the dimensions are identical.

If you owned the iPhone 13, then the good news is that all your phone cases are going to fit on the 14 as well.

The 14 Pro where there are some changes:

  • The camera module appears bigger due to the new 48-megapixel sensor.
  • There is a new deep purple color option just like there is a new color with every new iPhone launch. iPhone 14 Pro also comes in a space black version for those who want to keep it classy.
  • As discussed above, the addition of a new Dynamic Island display at the front completely changes the appearance of this pro model.

There is also a difference in the material used in the chassis of both models. The iPhone 14 has an aluminum frame, and the pro version comes with a stainless-steel frame. The aluminum frame tends to handle smudges, fingerprints, and scratches better. But the surgical grade stainless steel frame is responsible for a refined look in the iPhone 14 Pro.


Both iPhones come with 6.1-inch OLED panels and a resolution of 2532 by 1170 pixels. The screens have a true tone display function to reduce the blue light colors and make the screen pleasing and comfortable for your eyes.

The iPhone 14 pro comes with an always-on screen. This function is designed to help you keep track of time, weather, and important notifications that you can now access without opening your phone. The always-on display on your iPhone 14 pro is different from the one you might have used on Android. This is because on Android a black lock screen with important widgets used to appear upon enabling the always-on mode.

Resale Value

Even though both iPhones were released at the same time, there is a technical reason why the iPhone 14 Pro might sell in the future for a better value. It offers more features and the starting price is higher. When selling it in the future, the Pro model makes more sense if resale value is an important factor for you.

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For gaming, this is a no-brainer. The iPhone 14 Pro has a more powerful chip and is more optimized for gaming. The specs of 14 Pro are far superior to 14 when it comes to gaming. You can also take advantage of Apple’s promotion display in some games, which renders some of the supported games at a 120-Hertz refresh rate.

Not only potential gamers, but anyone who is a professional in online gaming knows the importance of a lag-free, stable gaming experience. For this reason, many of the trending games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Need for Speed: No Limits seem to run very well on both these iPhones.

Portrait Mode

The two models have great overall camera setups. There is a portrait mode on both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.  The base variant has a single 12-megapixel camera and it takes portraits at a focal length of 26MM. The iPhone 14 Pro utilizes its 48-megapixel main camera with larger pixels upgraded camera sensor to take much sharper portraits. In addition, the latter has a digital zoom-in function as well. This is used to increase the focus of the portrait mode shots.

The iPhone 14 Pro can take portraits at 80MM which translates to 3X zoom on the camera interface but you can zoom up to 3X according to your requirements as well. This 3X zoom function is quite handy, especially, if you want to take your shots like a professional telephoto camera.

The iPhone 14 also has a 2X zoom function, but this is absent in the portrait mode. The photonic engine in the iPhone 14 lineup helps the camera to further enhance the images you take and give it a fantastic final look. This engine works in both front and rear cameras.

Crash Detection

There is also a crash detection function in this latest version of iPhones. This triggers the iPhone to send an emergency SOS alert when you are in a car accident. This feature is available in iPhone 14 and 14 Pro as well.

Reasons to Choose iPhone 14

The baseline iPhone 14 makes a better choice for you if you align with these reasons:

  • You’re an average everyday user who uses basic social media apps and you are not concerned with fancy RAW photography and a power-draining always-on-mode.
  • This is your first time buying an iPhone and aren’t concerned with advanced tech specs.

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Reasons to Choose iPhone 14 Pro

You may want to consider the iPhone 14 Pro over the iPhone 14 if you’re a social media influencer, content creator, or at the very least a photographer. Features like all-day battery life and action mode, and upgraded cameras are sure to add crispiness to your content, while surgical grade stainless steel adds enough durability. The iPhone 14 Pro is a professional iPhone designed to fulfill the needs of people involved in the creation of any kind of media, be it stills or videography.

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It comes to a user’s personal preference over key differences like battery life, dynamic island, brighter display, and low light performance. This all can vary based on different users. Keep in mind there are also other models of iPhone, generally older and can fit your budget as well. Apple calls all iPhone lovers every year to try out their latest products, and the features rarely ever disappoint!

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