If the most recent iPhone 6 rumors are true, then this is going to be one fancy device. According to Macrumors, the new iPhone is reportedly being fitted with near field communication (NFC) technology, to be used in conjunction with the fingerprint scanner that first debuted on the iPhone 5s.

Recent Patents Provide Clues

Last September, Apple filed a patent detailing a Touch ID fingerprint scanner that works in tandem with NFC technology, hinting that Apple would take the technology to a whole other level with its next flagship device.

Additionally, Digital Trends reports that seven other patents were recently granted to the tech giant, including 3-D gesturing, physical trauma sensors, earbuds with fitness-tracking features, and solar-charging capabilities. In addition, it could come integrated with China UnionPay banking services that would be used with Passbook and other apps. Although a patent application does not guarantee that the features will see the light of day soon, they are a fairly good indication of what to expect on the iPhone 6 or future devices.

The Cost Factor

Despite all the exciting innovations rumored to be coming to the iPhone, the news comes with a pinch of salt. Some analysts claim the iPhone 6 will cost about $100 more than its predecessor, according to VentureBeat. Apple has even reportedly been negotiating with carriers on a possible price increase, considering that no game-changing device has been released so far this year, nor are any expected to dominate the news as much as the iPhone 6.

On the other hand, this price increase shouldn’t be too big of a surprise: larger phablets, like the 6-inch Galaxy Note 3, are selling at $100 more than their smaller counterparts. Apple could be taking the road often traveled by other phone makers, increasing the screen size and including a few extra innovations at a higher price point. This bigger price tag isn’t likely to deter die-hard Apple fans from getting their hands on the new iPhone, however.

The iPhone 6 rumors come amid news that Apple is nearing one of its most expensive acquisitions, worth a reported $3.2 billion, according to Financial Times. The potential deal to purchase Beats Electronics, the makers of the popular Beats by Dre headphones, has been seen as a vigorous move on the part of Apple to once again reinvent the future of streaming music amid fierce competition from other players on the market.

What rumored features are you most excited to see on Apple’s new flagship?

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