iPhone 6 Might Hit Assembly Line as Early as May
WRITTEN BY Bane Srdjevic
CATEGORY Apple Apple News

With a release date slated for September, Apple suppliers are stocking up on supplies now to begin mass producing the iPhone 6 in less than a month.

weather apps
The Best Weather Apps For Your iPhone

Everyone always wants to know the weather.

iPhone 5C
Surprise! iPhone 5C 8GB Could Launch Tomorrow
WRITTEN BY Katie Cowie
CATEGORY Apple Apple News

Rumor mill: Apple might release an 8GB iPhone 5C tomorrow.

phone germs
How To Keep Your iPhone Clean and Germ-Free

Phones are breeding grounds for germs. Learn how to clean up your device - on the outside.

Hidden dangers of retina display
Hidden Dangers of Retina Display: Eye Problems

It's hard to argue that devices with retina display and other high pixel density or high-resolution screens don't provide incredibly sharp images. In fact,

iOS 7.1 Updates
Apple Releases iOS 7.1 with New Features

Apple has just released its first major update to iOS 7, numbered 7.1. There are number of new features of iOS 7.1 as Apple tweaks the design and...

iOS in the Car Finds Its Way Into Volvo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz
WRITTEN BY Bane Srdjevic
CATEGORY Apple Apple News

Apple is launching the CarPlay technology with Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, and Ferrari joining the project as its first partners.

Smartphone Camera
The Corephotonics Dual-Camera Will Change Smartphone Photos Forever
WRITTEN BY Bane Srdjevic
CATEGORY Android News Apple

Israeli start-up Corephotonics has revealed a new camera technology at Mobile World Congress 2014 that will let smartphones take zoomed pictures without...

Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $16B

In a deal reportedly worth $16 billion, social media giant Facebook bought WhatsApp, a widely popular texting app.

Mac Pro
Mac Pro Shipping Date Pushed Back to April
WRITTEN BY Bane Srdjevic
CATEGORY Apple Apple News

Mac enthusiasts will have to wait until April before they can get their hands on the new Mac Pro.

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