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Making a GIF on an iPhone
How to Make a GIF on Your Smartphone: Apps and Tips
WRITTEN BY Amanda Kondolojy
CATEGORY Applications How-To's

If you find yourself on the go and need a GIF pronto, there are plenty of apps that will allow you to make a GIF with your smartphone.

Commuter takes a bike home from work
How to be Green in 2014

After checking out content from the EPA and some of my favorite green blogs, I've come up with the top 5 ways to be green in 2014.

It's Easy to Sync Contacts with an Android
How to Sync Contacts for Android to a New Device

While it might seem like a daunting task to sync contacts, it is actually a quick and painless task on the Android operating system.

tablets for the whole family
6 Best Tablets to Share With Your Family in 2014

There are numerous things to consider -- and a wide range of price points -- when evaluating the best tablets for a family in 2014.

Find My iPhone Lock Screen
How to Find a Lost iPhone

When you realize that you're phone is missing, how can you find it? Here are a few suggestions.

Apple TV
Playing Music on Your TV Isn’t Hard

How to watch movies or play music from your iPhone or iPad on your TV.

iPad 2
The New iPad Retina Display Has Replaced the iPad 2

Apple released a newer fourth-generation iPad model with retina display that replaces the iPad 2 in its lineup.

It is important to consider insurance for your gadgets
Gadget Insurance: Getting Protection Coverage for Your Mobile Device

As mobile devices become more integrated into daily life, gadget insurance is something that anyone who has purchased a device should consider.

Charging iPhone
Three Ways to Keep Your iPhone Battery Alive and Kicking

How to hold your iPhone's charge longer, and give your battery a boost on the go.

Mobile Manners
Mind Your Mobile Manners – Phone Etiquette Guide
WRITTEN BY Michele Reynolds Perry

Counter to conventional wisdom, I believe in boundaries when it comes to mobile phone usage. What happened to common courtesy and basic respect for others?

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