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Last Week’s Top Tech News: Samsung To Pay Apple, Moto X Gets KitKat, Bigger iPads Coming?

In this editon of last week in tech, we cover all the big tech news from Apple, Android and everything between.

Last week brought us a final verdict in the Apple vs. Samsung retrial and new rumors of devices from Samsung. Last week was quite a busy week in terms of tech news.

Apple News and Rumors

Samsung To Pay Apple $290 Million

The never ending battle between Apple and Samsung continued in a California courtroom. Apple emerged on top in the end. The jury decided Samsung will have to pay Apple $290 million in damages for recent patent infringements. This new $290 million payout, combined with last years $600 million case, brings the total to just under $900 million. Hopefully after all the smoke clears, we will see new and innovative products from both brands that do not end up creating another “People’s Court”.

Bigger 13-Inch iPad Set For 2014

The latest iPad rumors are circulating with information about 12.9-inch iPad with a Retina display. This rumor comes from Korean Times, and says Apple’s display suppliers are already at work on a bigger display for Apple’s 6th generation tablet that could arrive early next year. The Korean blog, which does have a bit of a sketchy track record when it comes to reporting actual, legitimate Apple rumors, has said the reason for the size increase is to keep up with US demand for larger screen devices as PC sales continue to slow.

Samsung has also been rumored to be doing the same with their Galaxy Tab series. Next year could bring a slew of gigantic tablets across a variety of manufacturers.

Android News:

Samsung 3-sided Galaxy Phone Coming Soon?

A Samsung three-sided Galaxy phone may be in the works, Bloomberg reports. This bit of tech news is likely just speculation at this point, but a new form factor is always exciting. Though plans have not yet been confirmed by the company, two anonymous sources close to the project provided information on the possible wraparound screen. It is unclear whether this style will be implemented within the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, or if it could be the start of a new line of smartphones.

Its design would also allow for users and developers to explore new ways to use the devices, especially when viewing the phone at an extreme angle or while lying down in bed. Samsung has plans for a number of new devices, but will face a lot of competition. Manufacturers’ move toward flexible displays may lead to market saturation. Samsung’s three-sided display and other experiments could be exactly what the company needs to become a smartphone leader over Apple.

New Camera API For Android To Add RAW Support

Support for higher-quality image files may soon be coming to Android phones, according to a new report by CNet. Tucked away in some inactive source code files is a new camera application programming interface (API) that includes support for raw photo formats and enables burst-mode rapid shooting. Official sources have yet to comment on this “found” source code, and the proposed feature could be dumped at any time. However, if raw image compatibility does indeed come to Android phones, it could be a draw for those looking to use their smartphone to capture images in the highest quality possible. 

Android 4.4 KitKat Arrives On The Moto X

Android KitKat, version 4.4 of Google’s popular mobile operating system, is ready for the Moto X, according a Droid-Life report based on a leaked document that provides an overview of some key features. While the update is only being rolled out for one version of the Moto X, it is believed that enhancements for other variants of the phone will soon follow. The highly anticipated Android KitKat made its debut on the Nexus 5, the smartphone Google released on Halloween. According to BetaNews, the operating system has since been rolled out for the Nexus 4, the Nexus 7, and the Nexus 10. The arrival on the Moto X would mark the first batch of devices outside of the Nexus lineup to receive the update, leaving users of flagship handsets such as the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 still waiting for the green light.





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