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Is your phone compatible with my carrier?

To discover which devices are compatible with your carrier, please reference the table below. Find the carrier with which you would like to activate a device in the first column. The second column displays which carrier(s) you can select on the product page to purchase device compatible with your chosen carrier-- certain providers operate on other carriers' networks. The third column displays the model options that should be fully compatible with your carrier. The fourth column displays devices that may work with your carrier, but with limited access.

This list is updated with the latest publicly available information on US carriers; however, Gazelle is not associated with any listed carriers and may not have the most accurate information. To be 100% certain a device will work on your intended network, contact the carrier.

Our unlocked devices are generally GSM & CDMA compatible and will work on all major US carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) and most MVNOs. Unlocked devices may not work in non-LTE coverage areas. For international travelers: Unlocked phones will work on most international GSM networks, but may have limited access, depending on carrier.