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Accidental Damage and Mechanical Breakdown Coverage by WarrantyLife


Gazelle offers accidental and mechanical breakdown warranty through WarrantyLife. Warranties can be added to eligible items before checkout. Filing a damage claim is easy, just head to

Product Features:

1 year Accidental Damage protection program, includes drops and water damage

$50 deductible

Coverage is provided up to the price paid for the product

30 day wait period for mechanical issues

Accidents covered from Day 1

Coverage starts from the Date of Purchase

If the device cannot be repaired we will reimburse/replace

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the Accidental Damage part cover? Any damage due to drops or water damage would be covered under this program from the date of purchase. So as soon as the plans are activated to Warranty Life, it’s covered.

What is the 30 day wait period? The 30 day wait period is for mechanical issues only. This basically means anything that goes wrong with the device that does NOT have to do with accidents. Think of it like a manufacturer’s warranty, if the device arrives and doesn’t work, or parts of it do not work within the first 30 days, Warranty Life will not take responsibility.

What if there is an issue in the 30 day wait period? Gazelle will take responsibility for this under the 30 day return policy.

What does a customer get from Warranty Life upon purchase? When a purchase is made, Warranty Life will generate a Registration Code at the time of sale and communicate that to Gazelle. The code is communicated in real time and is provided to the customer by Gazelle. This code should be kept in case a claim needs to be made.

Does Warranty Life communicate with the customer at the time of purchase? Yes when a purchase is made, Warranty Life will send them a confirmation email on shipment that their device is covered, when the start and end date are, and a link to a free Warranty Life account where they can view their product and make claims if required. Customers can choose to activate their account but it is not mandatory.

What happens if a customer has a claim? Send them to We try to drive claims via our online system. What is the $50 deductible? The $50 deductible is paid by the customer anytime there is a claim whether due to an accident or mechanical issues.

How much will the plan pay out? The plan will only ever pay out up to the amount the customer paid for the device. For example, if an iPhone 7 was purchased for $400, that would be the amount we would pay up to. This could cover 4 repairs at $100. The $50 deductible does not eat into that $400 obligation.

How do previous repairs impact a future repair or replacement amount? If a customer’s device is purchased at $400, and they have had a previous repair at $100, there would be $300 remaining on the “balance”. If the device had to be replaced and it was valued at $400 replacement, we would only contribute $300 towards that, the customer would make up the rest.

How long does it take to get approval for a claim? If the customer has all their information and responds quickly…it can be done in a day. Warranty Life will be moving to an automated self-serve system which we hope to launch in April 2018. If they have the Registration Code this will help facilitate things. If they do not have it handy, we look them up by email used during the Gazelle purchase.

Where will customers get their device fixed and how does this process work? After a claim is approved, customers can go to anyone of our Warranty Life authorized partners or any other location. If they go to an authorized partner, Warranty Life will pay the servicer direct for the repair. The customer will only have to pay the $50 deductible. If the customer goes into a service shop not associated with Warranty Life , Warranty Life will reimburse them for their repair less $50 deductible via PayPal or check.

What happens if the device needs to be replaced? If the device is determined to be not repairable…we will arrange to get it back to our logistics. The customer will be responsible to send it back to us. We would then reimburse them for the device or provide a replacement device of like or equal quality. We would not ship the replacement or provide reimbursement until the device is received. The customer could decide to buy a device ahead of time and get reimbursed later.

How much will you reimburse? If we end up not replacing the device, we would pay based on market value based on what Gazelle is currently selling the equivalent make and model.

What if the customer moves out of country? The repair program is valid only in the USA.

Please contact Gazelle Customer Support for further assistance.