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What happens to all the devices Gazelle buys?

Gazelle believes in reusing products first and recycling when an item no longer has any value. The idea is to keep working products in use as long as possible, extending their life, preventing e-Waste, and ensuring you receive value for the electronics you don't need anymore. It's an idea we call reCommerce.

Once we have checked out your item and payment has been sent, we move the item into one of a few directions depending on what it is and what condition it's in.

Many of the products sent to Gazelle still have plenty of life left in them so we find them a new, happy home. We do this by selling many of the items through our Gazelle store. This is the essence of reCommerce - you sell your unwanted gadgets to us and we extend their life by selling them to someone who wants it. As a result, fewer items get thrown to the landfills or collect dust in a drawer, and fewer people buy brand new gadgets since used ones in great condition are available in the market.

Some products that we receive in large quantity are sold to wholesale partners, who aggregate these items and resell them via their own networks globally. A smaller portion of products that are sent to us are at the end of their useful life and are sent to domestic recycling partners who abide by the highest standards.

The idea is to optimize where to move things in order to get the best return and therefore offer the best value possible to our customers.