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How do I check for water damage on a phone? / Does Gazelle Accept Water Damaged Phones?

Water damage may occur if your item is exposed to moisture in any way. This could mean it fell into water or simply that it was exposed to a damp environment. Most items have a sensor that is triggered when exposed to water. To check for water damage, we take a look at this sensor and if it is triggered, we consider the phone water damaged.

Will Gazelle still offer me money if my phone is water damaged?

For iPhones , Gazelle will make an offer for water damaged phones, but the phone is considered "broken".

For all other cell phones brands with water damage, your offer will be significantly affected by a tripped water damage indicator and your offer could be reduced to $0.00.

Either way, if we find that your phone is water damaged, we will notify you of a change in offer and allow you to choose the new offer or have the phone shipped back to you.

How to determine if your phone is water damaged:

Many water damaged phones still appear to be in full working condition, but the indicator sticker being tripped typically will change the value we can offer since it may signal internal corrosion that will cause problems down the road.

To determine if your cell phone's water damage indicator has been tripped, you can perform a simple check before creating an offer with Gazelle. First, power down your phone. Next, remove the battery panel, and the battery itself. There will be a white dot on the phone itself, behind the battery. In some instances, the water damage indicator will be on the battery itself, or even on both the phone and battery.

If the water damage indicator is WHITE, this means the phone is not water damaged.

If the water damage indicator is PINK or RED, this means the water damage indicator has been tripped.

In addition to the popularity of the iPhone, we receive a high number of Samsung phones. The Samsung water damage indicator is slightly different than the indicator statuses listed above (White, Pink/Red). We have created a video for you to follow to show you what a water damage indicator looks like in tripped status, as well as untripped status for Samsung phones.

Samsung Water Damage Indicator Video:

If your phone is not an iPhone, and not a Samsung phone, and you are still uncertain if your water damage indicator has been tripped, we recommend checking with the manufacturer.

Thank you!