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Gazelle for Good
Sustainability and reuse are at the heart of what Gazelle is all about.
We're most happy when we can help people get more out of their lives,
and make the most of the technology in their lives.
Partners in fundraising

An awesomely easy-to-manage fundraising program. Create your own fundraising page and encourage your community to trade in used smartphones, tablets and computers. They get cash and your organization earns a 10% commission on every sale. GET STARTED

Tech Grants

As a pioneer in reCommerce, Gazelle has bought and sold more than 2 million electronic devices. Through our Gazelle Grants program, we donate certified pre-owned devices such as iPads and iPad Minis to public schools. For more information, please contact

give where we live

At Gazelle, we believe that we're all better when we give more of ourselves. As active and concerned citizens in the communities in which we live and work, Gazelle employees volunteer their time in far-ranging ways, from delivering food to the hungry to beautifying an outdoor elementary school classroom in Louisville, KY last spring.