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Sell Your Used Google Phone

When it comes to photo quality and software capability, few cell phones stack up to Google® models. Since emerging on the mobile scene a little more than a decade ago, Google phones have become the model of choice for many Android users. And with some of the most advanced technology on the market, newer models offer a great resale value.

Gazelle is here to help you get a good return on your investment. We have one of the quickest, easiest and safest buying and selling platforms you can find online.

Why You Should Trade in Your Google Phone

One of the top reasons people decide to sell their old phones is to upgrade. When you trade in your old phone, you can put that money toward the latest and greatest model.

Here are a few more reasons to sell your Google phone:

• High resale values: The sooner you trade in your phone, the higher the price will be.

• Sustainability: Trading in your phone gives it an opportunity for a second life, prolonging its useful life.

• An easy process: With Gazelle, you don't need to advertise your phone, haggle over prices or meet up with strangers. You can get paid fast.

How Much Is Your Used Google Phone Worth?

Some of the factors that affect the value of your Google phone are its age, model, storage capacity, functionality and cosmetics. In deciding whether your phone's condition is excellent, good or fair, we'll consider specifics like:

• The presence of any cracks, dents, scratches or chips.

• The battery life.

• Whether all the buttons and controls work correctly.

• The quality of the display graphics.

How to Sell Your Google Phone Online

Once you answer a few quick questions about your phone's condition, we'll provide you with an initial offer and a free shipping label. When we receive your phone, we'll assess it to see if the value matches the initial offer. If it's worth more or less than we thought, we'll give you a new offer.

We can issue your payment through PayPal, an Amazon gift card or a check. No worries if you change your mind about selling — we'll return your phone.

Why Selling With Gazelle Makes the Most Sense

Why sell your Google phone with Gazelle? We've been one of the most trustworthy reCommerce companies for more than a decade. And few online buying and selling platforms come close to our speed, security and simplicity.

Earn Money for Your Used Google Phone

Start the selling process by answering a few simple questions about the condition of your phone. It doesn't get much easier than that.