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Whether it's smashed, soaked or just plain dead, we'll pay cash for many broken iPhone models.

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"I traded in my iPad for a very fair price which helped me buy my new one!"
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  • What is Gazelle?

    Gazelle is an online reCommerce service... that helps you sell your used electronics for cash. Whether you are selling your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone, Gazelle helps you get value for your old electronics.

  • What Happens When I Sell My Tablet?

    Once your trade in is received, your tablets, cell... phones, electronics are inspected to make sure their condition matches your evaluation. Then we send your payment. The process takes about a week once we receive your box.

  • What Can I Sell to Gazelle?

    You can sell your used iPad, Kindle Fire, Asus Transformer, Google Nexus,... Microsoft Surface, and Samsung tablets to Gazelle. We also pay cash for other Apple products like the iPhone, iPod and MacBook. In addition, we buy back smartphones from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and other major cell phone carriers.

Tablet Trade In

If you are looking to sell a tablet, you've come to the right place. We will buy your used tablet, then recycle it for you, which is a terrific win-win scenario: You get a nice return on your investment, while helping to care for the environment. The rest of the country is on the same page: It is estimated that in three years from now, Americans will have recycled 177 million tablets, phones, and other devices. (Compass Intelligence.)

The best part is how incredibly fast, intuitive, and simple it is to recycle your tablet. We'll ask a couple quick questions, to help us assess how much your tablet is worth. Then we will make you our very best offer. Should you accept it, we'll send you a pre-paid box. Simply insert your tablet and return the box to us. After 30 days, your tablet buy back offer expires, which means you'll have to start the process all over again, including getting a new offer.

Once we receive your tablet, our inspectors will make sure our original estimate was accurate. If we have to change the price, we'll send you a new offer. What happens if you don't like the price, or change your mind? Not a problem. We'll return your tablet to you free of charge. The risk on your part is zero. Zilch. Which is why, for your tablet trade-in, Gazelle truly is the smartest way to go. What's more, we make it fast and convenient for you to get paid. We can send you a check, deposit funds in your PayPal account, or mail you an Amazon gift card.

So, are you ready to sell your tablet? Don't delay -- find out today how much its worth. So far, we've bought more than a million devices from people just like you, so we've got this thing down to a science. We hope to see sell your tablet very soon with us!

Disclaimer: Gazelle is not affiliated with the manufacturers of the items available for trade-in.