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12 Best Tech Valentine’s Day Gifts

As chocolate boxes and candy hearts fill the grocery store aisles, you might be wondering what to get for your tech-loving significant other for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to go all-out on cutting-edge electronics or stay within a more modest budget and still surprise them with a tech gift, we’ve got you covered. We’ve…

How to Make a Video Into a Live Photo

Live Photos are one of the most exciting new features Apple has introduced to iPhones in the past decade. Around since the iPhone 6S release in 2015, Live Photos are small, 1.5-second videos composed of regular pictures taken with your standard iOS camera. When Live Photo is enabled, you can long-press any photo in your album to see…
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How to Screenshot on Your iPhone

If you’re like most smartphone users, screenshots are a part of your daily phone use, whether you’re capturing a funny meme, sharing part of an interesting article or saving a conversation for later. Screenshots are a fast, convenient way to save and share information, but it’s not always clear how to take them on a…
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Locked and Unlocked Phones

The average person clicks on their smartphone 2, 617 times per day, so it’s best to have a mobile device that suits you completely. It used to be that buying a cell phone meant going to your local carrier and buying whichever one suited you best. Today, there are many different ways to buy a smartphone,…

10 Best Christmas Gifts for the Family

Spending time together during Christmas is great for making new memories and feeling grateful for each other. Exchanging thoughtful gifts on Christmas day is a wonderful opportunity to show your family that you care about picking out something perfect for them. Seeing your family members’ faces fill with delight when opening their present is priceless….