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5G Phones: An Overview

If you’ve stepped into a cell phone store in the last few years, you’ve probably heard the term 5G. You might have even heard all the hype surrounding the latest generation of wireless technology, offering faster speeds and higher rates of data transmission. 5G is an exciting step forward for cell service and other wireless…
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10 Tips for Finding a Cheap Phone

Smartphones have transformed the way we find information, communicate and work. Today, buying a new smartphone is more like investing in convenience. With all that phones are capable of now, it’s no wonder prices are higher than ever. While new smartphones are extremely desirable, they’re increasingly difficult for most people to afford. Luckily, there are…
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12 Best Phones for Students

Whether you are a student looking for a new phone or buying a device for a student in your life, the right model will depend on a few different factors. You should consider everything from the price point to the size, and you’ll need to understand how the phone will be useful for academic settings….

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 11

When looking for a new iPhone, it is beneficial to know the differences between the various models so you can make the right decision. Every iPhone generation has its own features and benefits to explore. Whether you go with one of the iPhone 13 or 11 models, there are great options in both categories.  As…
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iPhone Color Guide

If you’ve compared Androids and iPhones and decided to go with an Apple product for your new cell phone, the next step is picking the right model for you. When deciding on an iPhone, consider style as well as functionality. Color is a major factor when choosing a phone. The Apple® iPhone offers a wide array of color options…
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iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13 Comparison

With the latest Apple® iPhone release, many users have a choice to make — the new iPhone 14 or the now-more-affordable iPhone 13. Both are excellent devices that offer top-of-the-line smartphone experiences. Apple didn’t make many major changes to the latest iteration, but if you’re ready for an upgrade or looking to switch to iPhone, either…
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iPhone 14 Cost

The Apple® iPhone 14 came out in September 2022 with a slew of new features. We got a new 14 Plus model, an always-on display, new safety features and camera upgrades. But how much are these updates going to cost you? Fortunately, Apple has stayed fairly consistent in how it prices its iPhones. Depending on…
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Should I Buy the New iPhone?

Today, it seems like a new device or smartphone launches every month. From tablets to cell phones and smartwatches, it’s easy to become influenced by the latest marketing trends and consider buying the newest one on the market. Apple alone has released over 30 iPhones since its original launch, and many users have likely owned several iPhones…
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The Complete iPhone 14 Release Guide

With less than a month before the eagerly awaited Apple® iPhone 14 rumored release, we think it’s high time to tell you what you can expect. Apple has all but perfected their physical designs, so we should get a similar look, but under the hood, rumors point to a host of interesting features. From a 48MP…