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Making a GIF on an iPhone
How to Make a GIF on Your Smartphone: Apps and Tips
WRITTEN BY Amanda Kondolojy
CATEGORY Applications How-To's

If you find yourself on the go and need a GIF pronto, there are plenty of apps that will allow you to make a GIF with your smartphone.

galaxy case
The 5 Best Galaxy S5 Cases Available Now

If you just picked up a shiny new Galaxy S5 this week,

tablets for the whole family
6 Best Tablets to Share With Your Family in 2014

There are numerous things to consider -- and a wide range of price points -- when evaluating the best tablets for a family in 2014.

Trying Google Glass Apps
The Best Google Glass Apps So Far

The community of "Explorers" is involved in testing and developing Google Glass apps, which show promise for the platform.

DynaTac 800x by Motorola
Technology Throwback Thursday: The Granddaddy of Cell Phones

Back before the iPhone, the Galaxy,

android tablets
The 5 Best Android Tablets To Buy In 2014

There is no denying that many Android tablets are strongly challenging the iPad as Android tablet sales continue to grow across the globe.

Scanbot offers high-quality document scanning from a smartphone
Scanbot Document-Scanning App Offers High-Quality Scanning From Your Phone
CATEGORY Applications

The Scanbot document-scanning app developed by tech company Doo has launched this week to positive reviews.

Google Play
The Best of the Best: Free Android Apps
WRITTEN BY Amanda Kondolojy
CATEGORY Applications

The Google Play store is pretty crowded, with more than a million apps to its credit and counting. Here is a selection of the best free Android apps.

Samsung Galaxy S5
Camera Modules Almost Delayed Galaxy S5 Launch
WRITTEN BY Casey Houser
CATEGORY Mobile Devices

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to debut in April, but rumors suggested that production problems with the smartphone's camera could have resulted in delays.

Galaxy Gear
What Are the Top Wearable Technology Apps?
WRITTEN BY Casey Houser
CATEGORY Applications

Although wearable device technology is new to the scene, there are a number of quality apps for everyone from fitness gurus to social network power users.


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