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Smarter consumption

Our customers live the Gazelle lifestyle. What's that mean? They're smarter buyers, owners, sellers, and disposers of their electronics. When buying, they care about how green a product is and what its potential long-term value is likely to be. They only own products that are in active use, and they gazelle those that become inactive. And when their product has reached the end of its life, they always ensure that it is responsibly recycled.


Saving the planet

Every day, Americans throw out more than 350,000 cell phones. An additional 130,000 computers are discarded daily. That's why we provide a free recycling service for all our customers, and to date have ensured more than 20 tons of electronics have been reused or recycled rather than ending up in landfills. And at home, we practice what we preach. In addition to in-office recycling and paper reduction efforts, Gazelle reuses shipping boxes for inbound and outbound delivery, uses FSC certified printers, purchases carbon offsets to balance the impact of hosting, and encourages taking public transit, walking, and biking to work.


Making our communities a little brighter

Along with our awesome customers, we're out and about in the community. Gazelle employees are active members of the Boston community and regularly participate in volunteer work throughout the city, including environmental and education initiatives.