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How to Print From Your iPhone

Gone are the days of complex printer setups and external storage cards — modern advancements have made printing easier than ever. Whether it’s a recipe you’re excited to try, driving directions to the new store in town or your favorite photo from last weekend, here’s how to print directly from your iPhone using a wireless…

How to Clear the Cache on Your iPhone

The cache — pronounced “cash” — is the part of your smartphone or computer that collects data from websites and apps, stores critical information and makes it easier and faster to load those same websites and apps in the future. At any given moment, your phone’s cache is full of data to boost your phone’s…

How to Locate Your Lost Phone

How to Locate Your Lost Phone Smartphones have undoubtedly made our lives much easier and more organized, but the downside to being so reliant on a palm-sized piece of technology is the absolute panic and disorientation we experience if it’s ever lost. Luckily, smartphone manufacturers predict and prepare for this possibility by equipping smartphones with…