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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Private Mode is easy to activate and even easier to use, making keeping your files secret a cinch.
Galaxy S5 Private Mode Lets Users Lock and Hide Personal Content
WRITTEN BY Bane Srdjevic
CATEGORY Android News How-To's

For Galaxy S5 owners looking for a way to hide private documents, the S5 comes with a special mode to easily help you keep secret your most sensitive...

The Heartbleed Bug
100,000 Heartbleed Detector App Users Provide Insights into the Bug
CATEGORY Android News

Ninety-six percent of all Android devices scanned were found not to be susceptible to Heartbleed attacks.

The new Google Camera App allows users to blur backgrounds, giving more professional-looking images
New Google Camera App Available for Android Users
CATEGORY Android News

Google has released a new camera app to the Google Play Store that brings new features to all smartphones using Android KitKat 4.4 or higher.

A conecpt for a modular phone by Phonebloks, a forerunner to the Google Project Ara Smartphone.
The First Google Project Ara Smartphone Conference Covers Timeline, 3-D Printing
WRITTEN BY Bane Srdjevic
CATEGORY Android News

Google is looking to reach a whole new level of customization with Google Project Ara smartphones.

galaxy case
The 5 Best Galaxy S5 Cases Available Now

If you just picked up a shiny new Galaxy S5 this week,

Taking Video with iPhone
Vine and Instagram Effects: How to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Vine and Instagram effects can help your video stand out and maybe even become a viral hit.

It's Easy to Sync Contacts with an Android
How to Sync Contacts for Android to a New Device

While it might seem like a daunting task to sync contacts, it is actually a quick and painless task on the Android operating system.

Amazon products
Amazon’s 3-D Smartphone Will Be Unveiled this Summer, May Run Android
WRITTEN BY Bane Srdjevic
CATEGORY Android News

Looking to jump into the ring with Apple and Samsung, Amazon has been developing a phone with a 3-D display for the past few years and has announced that..

The Heartbleed Bug
Heartbleed Detector App Checks Android’s Security
CATEGORY Android News

Lookout Security has released the Heartbleed Detector app for Android, which examines your Android device for vulnerability.

Android Camera
The New Android Camera App Is Almost Here
WRITTEN BY David Gitonga
CATEGORY Android News

Google is developing a substantial update to the native Android camera app to add features similar to those available on the Nokia Lumia.


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