Everybody Wins, Someone Will Win BIG. $1 Million Big.
WRITTEN BY Israel Ganot
CATEGORY Testing Category

From cars to fashion to gadgets, it’s no secret that we live in an upgrade culture in which the “latest and greatest” gets old really fast. Regardless of whether or not what we own is still useful, if there’s a newer, shinier model available, we can’t wait to reach for our wallet. At Gazelle, we’ve […]

HTC One Review: This Beauty is a Beast
WRITTEN BY Anthony Scarsella
CATEGORY Testing Category

This HTC One Review is one that have been yearning to do ever since this shiny sab of metal landed in my hands last week. If looks could...

Samsung Galaxy S3 to Receive Android Firmware Update

Samsung does a pretty good job of keeping its older devices up with the times. In a prime example of providing old devices with new life, they will soon...

Nextdoor Connects Neighbors via iPhone

Yes, there's Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc., but what about a social network for neighborhoods? It's a relatively simple idea, and, before social...

instant messaging
Instant Messaging is Now More Popular than Texting

Instant messaging has now become a more popular way for users to communicate on their phones over texting, according to a new study by Informa, a research services organization According to News.com.au....


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