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Are the contents insured against loss or damage?

As long as you use the shipping label provided by Gazelle, in almost all cases your package will be insured on the way to our facility.

Here is what you should know:

Do not use a DropBox - We are not able to insure a package against loss if an item is not handed directly to a FedEx or USPS employee. We request and strongly suggest that customers do not use a FedEx or USPS Drop Box. Using a Drop Box of any kind could cause 2-4 weeks of delayed shipping, and if never recovered, could result in the denial of the Lost in Shipping claim.

Pack your box carefully - Based on our extensive experience with shipping and carriers, we highly recommend that customers take the highest care to pack electronics very carefully. If you are packing your own box, we also highly recommend extra secure closure of the package around each edge to prevent any potential tampering, water exposure, dust exposure, or ripping of the box. Shipping carriers will deny a damage claim if the package is not properly packed. The claim will be denied if the item(s) are shipped in a flimsy box, or if not enough packing material is used to protect the contents. If you have any concerns about how well you will be able to pack an item, or multiple items, we strongly recommend using a packing service.

Record the serial number of your device - We encourage customers to record the serial numbers of the devices in transit prior to shipment, or even snap a few photos for your records. If a damage or loss claim is the only route available in an unexpected situation, it is very helpful to have this information ready

We will do whatever we can to help you recover your device or help you with a claim should the unfortunate happen. Our boxes are designed to take a lot, but if you have to pack something yourself, please follow the advice above.