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Sell My Phone Fast

The online market for pre-owned cell phones is thriving. When you sell your cell phone to Gazelle, there's a good chance you'll end up with enough for a sizable down payment on one of the latest models.

Reasons to Trade in Your Cell Phone with Gazelle

Money is one of the top reasons for selling your old phone. Whether you want to buy a new phone, pay some bills or just have some extra funds, trading in a device you're not using is a great way to get paid fast.

A significant advantage of selling your phone to Gazelle is the simplicity of the process. There's no need for advertising, haggling on prices, or meeting some random stranger to make a trade. With our streamlined process, you can get a fair offer in minutes.

Gazelle's Streamlined Sale Process

We'll even send you a prepaid shipping label; the Gazelle process is free of hidden fees and works for your convenience.

We don't restrict you to store credit the way most of our competitors do, either. Get real money via PayPal deposit or check, and spend it how you want to. When you match us against the competition, there's no comparison.

Selling your cell phone is also good for the planet. When you trade in your cell phone, it gives it the chance to end up in the hands of another user rather than in a landfill.

What is My Phone Worth?

The model, age, carrier, storage capacity, cosmetics, and operational performance of your phone will affect its resale value. We'll ask you some questions about these characteristics to determine your phone's condition. We'll consider specific factors like:

  • Defects on the front glass and body.
  • Whether all the features function correctly, like the camera, headphone jack and apps.
  • If there's any separation between the housing.
  • How long the battery holds a charge.
  • Whether all the buttons and ports are operational.

How to Sell My Phone

Start the process of selling your phone by telling us about its condition. We'll send you a quick initial price offer and a free label to speed up the shipping process.

  • After we receive your phone and assess it, we'll let you know if the value is the same, lower or higher than the initial offer. If you decide not to accept the new offer, we'll send it back to you for free.

Just follow these instructions:

  • Protect Your Data: Back up your data and then factory reset your device to protect your privacy.
  • Get a Quote: Find the "Sell" page on the Gazelle website, enter some details on the device you want to trade in, and decide whether or not to move forward.
  • Sell Your Device: We'll send you a prepaid shipping label and inspect your device to make sure it matches your description. Within a day of the inspection, we'll pay you via check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.

Why Sell With Gazelle?

Gazelle is one of the most trusted and reliable reCommerce companies online. Our buying and selling platform is quick, safe, and easy.

Since 2008, we've been providing quality service to thousands of happy customers. There are a few key reasons people have continued trusting us with their old devices for so many years.

Gazelle's Promise to the Environment

We're committed to offering fair prices and helping the planet by giving new life to old devices. By recycling your smartphone to a new owner or disposing of the materials properly, we help you reduce the impact of mining and electronic waste. Selling your old phone with Gazelle isn't just a smart financial choice: it's a great decision for the planet.

Get the Best Deal with Detailed, Up-to-Date Prices

At Gazelle, we account for everything that could increase the value of your phone. Good storage, whether it's locked to a popular carrier like Verizon, and the aesthetic condition. There's nothing we overlook in making sure you get a fair deal.

Lock in a Good Price and Upgrade Now

No matter what phone your brand is from, it's guaranteed to lose value by the day. Apple phones hold their value better than most consumer tech, but after three years, your device loses 50-70% of its value.

Indecision and waiting on marketplaces cost you money every day, which is why you should lock in a sale at a fair price today. By offering a fast sale process, we protect you and the value of your money.

Get the Best Deal on Your Old Phone with Gazelle

You can start selling your old cell phone with a few easy clicks. Choose your model and answer a few questions to see how much you can earn with Gazelle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to sell my phone?

Gazelle is the ideal platform for selling a used phone. They provide fair rates, quick turnarounds, and recycle your old devices to help save the environment.

Can you sell second-hand phones?

Gazelle accepts a wide range of devices in various conditions, including broken phones. Selling your smartphone to Gazelle is the best way to capitalize on an old smartphone, tablet, or other device from major brands like Apple and Samsung.