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How to Remove Sim Card From an iPhone 5

If you’re preparing to sell or recycle your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, one of the most important steps is learning how to remove your SIM card from the iPhone.

Remove what?

Now that you know what a SIM card is, let’s review how to remove your SIM card from your iPhone: To remove the SIM card from your iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Gently insert a paperclip into the tiny hole in the SIM card tray
  2. Apply a small amount of pressure until the SIM tray ejects
  3. When it pops out, grab hold of the tray and remove the iPhone SIM card
  4. Swap your SIM card
  5. Reinsert the tray so it is securely embedded in the casing

As you can see, iPhone SIM card removal is not difficult but it is important that you are gentle and extra careful while you attempt it. Remember, your personal data is one of your most important assets, so always protect it, and always remove your SIM card when you transition to a new phone. Also, now that you know how to remove SIM Card from iPhone 4 and 5, share this nugget with your friends so they are in the know.

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