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iPad Seller's Guide

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How to Sell an iPad

Are you looking for the ultimate guide on selling an iPad or recycling it for money? This iPad Seller's Guide walks you through the simple, speedy, worry-free trade-in that we provide at Gazelle. Our goal is to make each and every trade-in experience with us awesome. By following these easy steps before beginning your transaction, you will know exactly how to prepare your iPad for sale.

Step One: Identify Your iPad Model

The first step in trading in your iPad is to figure out which one you have! Have you ever tried to find your iPad model number, but get confused when you hear something along the lines of “A1567”? That number refers to your iPad’s model and cellular capability. If you’re looking for help to identify your iPad model, check out our guide.

Step Two: What’s the Condition of your iPad?

The next step in our iPad trade in process is to assess the condition of your iPad. There are many variables in a device’s condition including model, cosmetic condition, iOS version, and more. To learn more about the way Gazelle evaluates the condition and value of your iPad, read our guide on assessing the condition of your iPad.

Step Three: Prepare Your iPad for Sale

In order to properly prep your iPad for sale, make sure you remember to backup your data and perform a factory reset on the device. Also make sure that you remove your iPad’s SIM card in order to remove the phone number associated with the device and any billing info stored.

Step Four: Getting an Estimate from Gazelle

After preparing your iPad for trade in, it’s time to get an estimate from Gazelle. The trade in process is simple:

  1. Choose your device, capacity, and condition (it takes less than a minute!).
  2. We’ll send you a box to use for sending in your device. Any device worth more than $1 will ship for free.
  3. Choose your preferred method by which to be paid: Amazon gift card, PayPal, or check. It typically takes only 2 or 3 days to get paid from Gazelle.

Step Five: Packaging Your iPad for Trade In

When getting ready to trade in an iPad, many people wonder what the best techniques are for packaging the device. In our guide about packing and shipping an iPad, we recommend:

  • Wrapping the device in bubble wrap
  • Adding packing peanuts to the package
  • Ensuring that the box is securely closed with durable packing tape

Step Six: Get Paid to Trade In Your Used iPad Today

Are you ready to earn cash for your iPad? Trade it in today and see what your device is worth!