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iPad Seller's Guide

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How to Remove Your iPad's SIM Card

When you’ re ready to sell your iPad, make sure you take the necessary steps like removing the SIM card from an AT&T 3G iPad, cancelling service to your Verizon iPad, wiping your personal data, and restoring your iPad software. Note, these steps are only required if your iPad is a 3G model.

Before Removing Your iPad SIM Card

Before you take out your iPad SIM card or switch Sim cards to activate a new device, follow the steps below:

Deactivate your iPad

  1. Tap Settings > Cellular Data > View Account
  2. Enter your account email address and password and tap Next
  3. Select Add Data or Change Plan
  4. Select Cancel Plan
  5. The following options appear:
    • Cancel Plan and Delete Account Now: Select this option if you want to remove this device from the account now.
    • Cancel Plan and Delete Account Later: Select this option if you want to discontinue the monthly service for the next month only; your account information will remain with AT&T.
  6. You will receive a confirmation that the plan was canceled successfully. To finish resetting the account, proceed to the next step
  7. Tap Settings > General > Reset: Subscriber Services
  8. Tap reset account
  9. Your iPad will prompt you to confirm the account reset. Tap Reset to complete deactivation

Note: These steps outline how to deactivate your device but do not actually explain the necessary steps to remove a SIM card from an iPad. Add the following steps and include screenshots to:

1.Locate Your iPad SIM Card

If you have an Original iPad, you can find the SIM card towards the bottom of the left side (opposite from the volume button).

If you have an iPad 2, 3 or 4, you can find your SIM card on the left side near the top. If you have an iPad Pro, Air or Mini, you can find your SIM card on the right side (the same side as the volume buttons).

2.Remove Your iPad’s SIM Card

  • Use a bent paperclip to insert in the pinhole opening in the SIM tray
  • Gently press the paperclip in until the SIM tray pops out
  • Grab the tray with your fingers and pull it out of your iPad
  • Remove or swap out your SIM card and put the tray back in your iPad

Once you remove your iPad SIM card and reset your device, you can sell your iPad with confidence. If you want to switch your SIM card to a new device, contact your carrier to activate your iPhone or iPad.