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How to Jailbreak your iPad: There are many pros and cons when considering to jailbreak your iPad. Jailbreaking your iOS device opens up a new door of applications, functions, and controls. Apple does not endorse jailbreaking your iPad or any iOS device due to the fact that many 3rd party apps can be malicious or contain viruses. The main benefit of jailbreaking the iPad is the ability to download apps for free. The Cydia app store contains most of the apps that the iTunes App store holds, plus thousands more. These apps are often not approved by Apple so download at your own risk. Apple constantly releases iOS updates in order to control jailbreaking and security holes. So, if you do plan on jailbreaking your device, always remember to backup your iPad frequently. Jailbreaking may also not allow you to update your device to the latest Apple firmware, as an update will cause you to lose your Jailbreak. Due to the fact that new updates to iOS are popping out so frequently, the jailbreaking methods are constantly changing. The method used to jailbreak the last update may be completely different from the current update. Check out these links below to stay on top of the latest jailbreaking news and utilities.

(Gazelle does not promote or endorse jailbreaking any Apple iOS device, and is not responsible for the outcome that may occur on your iOS devce. Please use the links below at your own risk.)

How to Extend the iPad battery life: The original iPad and iPad 2 have great battery life considering their super bright 9.7 screens. However there are ways to even get better battery life from your iPad by following these tips below. Turn off 3G- If you have a 3G iPad and can use a free Wi-Fi network turn of your 3G data. To turn off simply go to settings>cellular data>select off. Turn off Bluetooth and GPS- by switching these 2 settings off you will find that your iPad will last a few more hours when you need it. To turn off Bluetooth go to Settings> General> Bluetooth>slide to off. For those with 3G models we can disable GPS (location based services) by going to setting>location service> slide to off. Adjust Display Brightness- The biggest battery killer on any device be it Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet is always the display or screen. You can save a bunch of battery life by not only turning your display brightness down, but also by making the screen lock faster. To adjust the display head to settings>brightness & wallpaper. There you will see a slider that controls your display brightness. You can also choose auto-brightness but sometimes that may not help. To make the iPad screen lock initiate faster head to Settings> General> Auto-lock> select 2 minutes. The display on the iPad will go black after 2 minutes of inactivity. To wake up simply press the sleep/wake button on the top of the device.

How to connect iPad to TV: We all know that the iPad can provide hours of gaming, movies, and music entertainment while on the road. So what if you want all this plastered up on your big screen at home? There are a couple of ways to hook up your iPad to your TV in order to get all those iTunes goodies right in the living room.

Apple TV & Airplay: If you own an Apple TV you can stream content from your iPad or iOS device over Wi-Fi to your Apple TV. Remember that your Apple TV and iPad must be on the same network for this to work. You will also be able to control your content directly from your device when you install the Remote app from Apple. If you have an iPad 2 with iOS 5 AirPlay does support mirroring, so you can watch apps on your HDTV even if they don't support the video out functionality of the iPad.

Apple Digital AV Adapter: This adapter from Apple allows you to hook up an HDMI cable directly to your iPad 30-pin doc connector port. The original iPad is capable of 720p video with the Digital AV Adapter, and the iPad 2 supports signals up to 1080p. If your TV does not have HDMI input, Apple also makes adapters for Composite and VGA connections.

How to take a screenshot on iPad: Taking a screenshot on your iPad can come in handy for a number of reasons. If you want to share a high-score in a game, or show somebody a problem you are having, a screenshot can come in handy. To take a screenshot simply press the sleep/wake button and at the same time press the home button. The iPad will generate a screenshot that can be found in the Photos app on the main screen.

How to copy and paste on iPad: The copy and paste feature on the iPad can save you valuable time while surfing the web, emailing, and while using certain applications. To use the copy and paste function simply press and hold over the text you want to copy. After around 2 seconds a magnifying glass appears and the word it intends to select is highlighted in blue. Next adjust the magnifier to select the text you would like copied. Use the two blue sliders to capture the amount of text that you wish to copy. Next select the copy pop-up bubble above the highlighted text. To paste the recently copied text click and hold the screen in the editing area where you wish to paste the text for about 2 seconds. Select the paste pop-up bubble to paste the text in to the desired editing field.