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Sell Your iPhone 12 Mini

If you have an iPhone 12 Mini you don't use anymore, it can do more for you than just lying around. Get paid for your device by selling your iPhone 12 Mini to Gazelle. Our sales process is easy, quick and secure. Let us take your used cell phone off your hands and send you a payment at a fair value.

Why Should I Sell My iPhone 12 Mini?

The primary benefit of selling your iPhone 12 Mini to Gazelle is getting paid. Once we've received your used cell phone, and inspected, we'll send you a payment that you can put toward your next cell phone, technology upgrade or anything else. Our sales process is easier and more reliable than an online marketplace.

What Is the Value of a Used iPhone 12 Mini?

Gazelle considers several factors when calculating the value of your iPhone 12 Mini, including its functionality, appearance, storage capacity and carrier. Our team will look at the boot-up speed, button and port function, graphic quality, cosmetic appearance and battery performance too. Most iPhone 12 Minis have value, even with some damage.

How Do I Sell My iPhone 12 Mini Online?

Getting paid for your used iPhone 12 Mini takes only a few easy steps. First, answer a few basic questions about your cell phone, like the carrier and physical condition. We'll generate an initial offer and send you a prepaid shipping label. Once you've shipped your iPhone 12 Mini to us, one of our team members will inspect the device to make sure the specs match. When we've confirmed the details, we'll send your payment via check, PayPal or Amazon gift card.

You are in control at every step of the selling process. If our team determines your cell phone is worth more or less than we quoted, we'll extend a new offer to ensure you receive a fair price. You may accept or reject this new offer, if you reject the offer, we’ll ship it back to you.

Why Trade-In an iPhone 12 Mini to Gazelle?

Sell your iPhone 12 Mini to Gazelle with confidence. We have been a reputable brand since 2008 and take pride in our transparent sales process. When we provide a quick quote for your cell phone, that offer is valid for 30 days. Our payments are honest, with no hidden fees or unexpected delays.

Sell an iPhone 12 Mini to Gazelle Today

Gazelle offers an easy way to get paid for your used cell phones. Sell your iPhone 12 Mini online by answering a few questions about your used phone on this page. Get a quick free quote and start the selling process today.