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Sell Your iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone is a symbol of innovation, with upgraded mobile devices released yearly. While purchasing the next new iPhone is exciting, it leaves consumers with one big question mark — what to do with their old phones. If you bought the most recent iPhone and stowed your previous device away, you can put it to good use by selling it online.

When you trade in your iPhone 14 Pro Max with Gazelle, you'll get part of your investment back. We're proud to be a reputable source for buying and selling old electronics without hassle.

Reasons to Sell Your iPhone 14 Pro Max

When your iPhone goes from being the next big thing to old news, you can do more with it than let it collect dust in the junk drawer. Get a fair payment for your used device when you sell it with Gazelle. Trading in your iPhone 14 Pro Max means enjoying several advantages:

A second chance: Instead of letting your phone end up as electronic waste in a nearby landfill, selling it through Gazelle gives it a second life.

Safe selling: Our online process makes selling your device safer, eliminating the need to meet up with strangers in person.

Zero hidden fees: You won't have to pay any extra costs when you trade in your iPhone 14 Pro Max with us.

Simple process: You can complete our seamless trade-in process in just a few clicks, finishing the transaction in minutes.

Fast payment: When we get your device in the mail, we'll pay you immediately upon inspection.

Money for your needs: The money you get from selling your iPhone 14 Pro Max can go toward anything you want, from next month's rent to the newest iPhone.

What's My iPhone 14 Pro Max Worth?

Several considerations go into pricing your device. We'll assign a device value to your iPhone 14 Pro Max based on its:

Storage capacity: The more available storage your phone has, the more it'll be worth.

Service carrier: If your phone is unlocked or has AT&T or Verizon, its value will be higher than locked phones.

Physical condition: We'll pay more for phones without physical damage.

Functionality: Phones with working features like displays, ports and volume will have a higher trade-in value.

You can get a price estimate for your used device trade-in when you request a quote from Gazelle.

How to Sell Your iPhone 14 Pro Max Online

Selling your iPhone 14 Pro Max with Gazelle is quick and easy with seven simple steps:

  1. Visit Gazelle's Sell tab.
  2. Select the type of phone you're trading.
  3. Click on your phone carrier and model.
  4. Hit “Get an Offer” and answer the three questions.
  5. Press the “Get Paid” button and submit your email address to stay updated with the process.
  6. We'll send you a final bid after we evaluate your device in person.
  7. If you accept our offer, we'll pay you with a check, Amazon gift card or PayPal payment.

Get the Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Trade-in Deals With Gazelle

If you want money with no strings attached, consider selling your iPhone 14 Pro Max at Gazelle. Our fast, simple and sustainable buying and selling platform is made for everyone.

Begin the trade-in process today!